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  1. @biatiThis is a killer workflow. Thank you for building this. I can eliminate multiple workflows because of this. Is there an easy way to exchange the string "VAT" for "HST"? In Canada, we use HST instead. Thanks for the great workflow. Is there a way to support you or buy you a beer?
  2. Has anyone tried anything other than Dropbox sync? What else works? Anyone tried mega.nz sync?
  3. Would be nice to have one official place to download, update and potentially purchase new workflows & themes. I would happily pay developers for their workflows if it really improved my productivity. I imagine you could build the Alfred Store right into the preferences panel. I know there's Packal but it doesn't update your Workflow unless you downloaded it from Packal which can be confusing. Plus there's no way to support the developer.
  4. Whoa! Just saw this months later. Still working fine in Oct 2017! Can you update the workflow so if I know the name of the shared folder I can just type it in? Then hopefully that either mounts it straight away or brings up a login prompt? mount music Bonjour is great but it's also kinda slow when you have multiple shares. Thanks so much. P.S. If you have even more time could you implement a shortcut key to save a folder as a favorite? For example, CMD + Enter pins a folder so that next time "mount" is envoked it displays the Favorite folders beneath and users could select them without waiting for auto discovery. This could save time also. Thanks.
  5. Kevllar

    macOS - Unity

    Yeah, so personally I don't use the shortcuts as much as you might think. (Alfred usually finds me the 1st result.) So, I just faded the shortcut keys out. Anyway, here's an updated version with darker text and more visible shortcut keys. https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/DrgbThewRq/ I put it on a white bg so you can see how it looks also.
  6. Kevllar

    macOS - Unity

    Was messing with the theme customizer for the first time. Not really sure if this has been done yet. Probably has. But wanted Alfred to blend into macOS sierra. So tried to keep it real minimal. Almost like Apple would have wanted it. Was trying to match the app switcher in the Finder. Did it work? Download it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jge5ttv218vwgdz/MacOS - Unity.alfredappearance?dl=0 Preview here: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/d7JiWHvax7/
  7. Hey thanks for this. Still working in 2017! How can I connect to other Macs on my network? My QNAP shows up but does this work for Mac shares?
  8. Ya I thought so. But just thought I would ask. Thanks for doing this. Love this workflow. Looking forward to more updates.
  9. Wanted to try the beta out but... I know he's just using the API... Anybody know if I should be worried about this? "Jason"? Does my data pass through "Jason" somehow?
  10. Anybody else have issues using this workflow behind a proxy? Any new cities I query can't seem to fetch the data. "Sorry... No matches for Toronto" Which seems pretty odd. Doesn't work with any other city either. I've allowed Alfred to use the system proxy settings in Advanced but no luck... Any ideas? My proxy settings point to a http://wpad/wpad.dat
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