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  1. You are absolutely correct: "actioning" the result removes the separator, although I am not sure I understand why the behaviour is different from Cmd-C. Thank you, Dennis
  2. The Output settings for the calculator state that the grouping separator will be ignored when copying the result: However, when using the system locale (set to Swiss German in my case), having selected "Show thousands grouping separator", performing a calculation in Alfred and copying the result still copies the separator into the clipboard as well: Settings: see attachment Calculation example: 5 * 365 Result displayed in Alfred: 1'825 (see attachment "calculation") Hitting Cmd-C to copy the result and pasting it into a simple text editor or e-m
  3. In light of replacing other text expansion tools with Alfred, I am missing two features in the beta version of Alfred 3: I need the feature of having a text entry field after having triggered a snippet so that I can fill in missing information "at expansion time", e.g. a snippet like "Dear {name}, ..." should allow me to enter a replacement for {name} during expansion of the snippet. There is support for dynamic placeholders, but it seems that this is only for date, time and clipboard and not for "on expansion time" values since they would require a UI to enter the missing values. Here i
  4. I have modified the workflow for 13" MBP Laptops: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3584-resolution-switcher-rmbp-13/
  5. Alfred 2 Workflow to change the resolution for 13" MacBook Pro Laptops Shamelessly copied and adopted for 13" MacBook Pro Retina displays (running under OS X Mavericks). Slightly extended to send notifications for each new resolution. Keyboard Shortcut changed. Workflow screenshot: https://github.com/davosian/alfred-change-resolution/blob/master/Screenshot.png Usage: 'res r' or ⌘⌥^R for 1280*800 (think 'r' as in 'Retina') 'res h' or ⌘⌥^H for 1440*900 (think 'h' as in 'hi-res display', like the old 1680*1050 MBP Hi-Res display) 'res f' or ⌘⌥^F for 1680*1050 (thin
  6. I am working on a workflow which should execute a shell script command for of the documents (*.xml files) currently selected in the Finder. I did some experiments around it, but could not get it to work yet. Any pointers, e.g. what workflow elements I will need? I am currently thinking along the lines of first calling an applescript which gives me the selected files, then filtering out only the xml files and lastly calling a shell script for each of the files or alternatively calling the script once but passing along an array of xml files. What do you guys think? Thanks for any su
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