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  1. I also updated the workflow with a nicer looking version of the GlassFrog logo.
  2. @imrane.dessai Glad you went ahead and built your own to get it working for you! I didn't try it, but in case you (or someone else) wants to use mine, I updated the download link!
  3. Hi everyone, I've created this simple workflow to help with quickly searching your company's governance records in GlassFrog: Download Page It's specifically intended for people working in a Holacracy-powered company and using the GlassFrog web app to store their governance records. You will need to be signed in to GlassFrog for it to work properly. It works simply by calling Alfred and entering "gf [your search]". Pressing Enter will open a new tab in your default browser with the search results for that query. Customize it for yo
  4. Thanks, that's great. However, although I understand your preference to open a new email in a new tab, it takes significantly more time to load a new page in a new tab. Would you have a suggestion as to how I can modify the script so it behaves as if I pressed "c" in the Gmail UI? Thank you for your work
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