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  1. You might be interested in my workflow (https://github.com/TkTech/jira_alfred) that uses the jira API, so you don't need to download a CSV list (or avatars) and keep it up to date. I don't imagine this would be too hard to add.
  2. I've started on a JIRA workflow for Alfred that uses the JIRA API and GreenHopper API through jira-python. This is really, really new and has basically no testing so any feedback is appreciated. Improvements to the instructions are greatly appreciated. If anyone has a public JIRA install they can use to create screenshots, it would also be greatly appreciated. Download Pre-built workflows can be downloaded from GitHub. The source is also available for those looking to extend/modify it. Dependencies There are none! The workflow bundles all of its dependencies when it's built
  3. Is there any chance that JSON feedback will be supported? It's far nicer to work with in most languages (such as Python) and should produce cleaner Workflows.
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