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  1. Like this and then handling it in the python file?
  2. My first shared workflow and can most likely be improved. Recently switched from Toodist to Tick Tick but was frustrated by lack of Alfred (and Google Assistant) integrations. Also using the same script with IFTTT to enable basic Google Home support for Tick Tick. Instructions: Add to Alfred. Add your email adress and password in the workflow settings. Default is that they are created in the inbox. If you prefer, you can change the bin/bash script to python tick.py -t '{query}' -p PROJECTID to place it in a specific list. List/projectid can be found in the url while using web version of Tick Tick. File: https://jmp.sh/Q161DZS Questions? Questions ask away and I will do my best to answer. No plans (nor knowledge) for any more advanced features but if anyone would like to use any of it to build something more advanced then feel free to do so!
  3. Evernote and Textedit on mac...does it work for you?
  4. Got 1.23.1 and still the same issue. Is that the latest?
  5. Might be a stupid question but when I do the the mk > rtf I lose all my line breaks. Probably some poor handling on my site but any way around it and fix it?
  6. Thanks. Workflow works but must be some better way to do this and change the default behaviour? Tried the Finder settings but that didnt work either. Seems like Mac OS X doesn't allow "external" requests to open a new tab and forces to a new window unfortunately. Any thoughts from Alfred team on this?
  7. Love the input and didn't even know about the debugger mode The preset triggered this: [iNFO: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] Processing output 'alfred.workflow.action.script' with arg '{"action": "load_preset", "preset_name": "feetup"}' But right after that I found in the documentation that I can create a hotkey, set text input to preset's name (in this case feetup) and connect it with the Run Script bin/bash that the other hot keys are connected with. Works like a charm and might be of help for others Thanks for your help!
  8. Problem is that doesn't work this workflow since the presets above are not defined in the workflow and I assume loaded by the workflow itself. So it basically becomes impossible to find any link to "energize" preset i Alfred as shown below...
  9. Hi guys, Want to add for example Hue presets to remote page but can't find a way. Impossible to drag/drop and can't add a remote trigger in the workflow either. Any suggestion on how I can get get around it? Jacob
  10. I was a little frustrated by the solutions to add tasks to Wunderlist and decided to try it myself. Very basic and can probably be done way more efficient but might help someone and decided to share it. Keyword triggered, in my case "wun". Triggers command to send mail to me@wunderlist from my email with the new query. The new task is added to Wunderlist's Inbox without opening Wunderlist. Script: mail -s "{query}" "me@wunderlist.com" -f jacob.leander.olsson@gmail.com <<EOF Added from Alfred EOF Link: https://db.tt/ES8t3PEL Feedback, thoughts and improvements are always welcome!
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