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  1. Oh, I was too hoping that this will be supported. Too bad it isn't
  2. Awesome workflow, works beautifully!
  3. Long time user of this workflow, just updated to the newest version and I find I cannot add cities anymore. So I clicked on "debug," and this is what I get: Is anyone having the same problem?
  4. Anyone else still using this workflow? Mine stopped working today.
  5. Had to change tell application "Alfred 2" to search to tell application "Alfred 3" to search and now it's working great on El Capitan.
  6. I have Magic Keyboard 2. Tried to debug it, but nothing appears when prompted.
  7. Thanks for updating this for Alfred v3. Works great!
  8. Just installed this workflow and it's not working. Not sure if the creator is around though? Just in case, here's the dubbing info: FYI, Mac's running on 10.6
  9. Thanks for the offer but I don't have any kind of knowledge when it comes to workflows It was one of the best workflows I've ever used.
  10. I am now having trouble on my laptop (that's running on 10.9). Checked for updates and I'm using the latest version. Here's the info from the log: Would reinstalling help in this case?
  11. You recall correctly, I'll keep it in mind. Worked too many hours yesterday and totally forgot to post it. It's working fine now, thank you.
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