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  1. Yeah, I just tested it on my MBP that's running on Mavericks and it works great! Too bad I cannot use it on my main computer that I use for work. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to add the Spanish translation "Reina Valera (1960)" version to it. That'll be great!
  3. I'm also getting a "No user interaction allowed" on 10.6. I still can't find any features on the System Preferences as described above as it is different on Snow Leopard. Any ideas how to allow access to Alfred?
  4. Thank you so much to everyone who replied to me. I just downloaded the latest update and it's working wonderfully on 10.6. I do have a question, tone, this workflow does not work with TV series, right?
  5. Just downloaded it. As soon as I type the first letter of the title, I get the standard Google search instead. Any idea why? I'm on 10.6.
  6. I also get an error. As soon as I type the first letter of a title, I get Alfred's "Search Google for [x]". I'm on 10.6, btw.
  7. I just found this little gem and it works like a charm. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Yep, nothing happens. The page never finishes loading. Is this the only website where you have upload it?
  9. So, I started using this one in Snow Leopard recently (never had a problem in Lion). And it just won't work as it is happening a lot lately with many workflows As you can see, it is installed (I changed the keyword to uc) But then... I tried clearing the cache and reinstalling, but nothing's changed so far.
  10. As no notification pops up, is there any other way to tell if this is actually working?
  11. Thanks for your reply. Does this mean that if a workflow was created on a different language than the one I have installed in SN, it shouldn't work? Because I have the same language installed in both computers, but it only doesn't work in SL. If so, then there's no way to fix it, is that correct? Another two workflows that were working great until Monday, have stopped working altogether now.
  12. Well, this too technical for me, but I'll see if I can figure it out. Thanks.
  13. I'm also having the exact same problem, but with nbcmayhem's workflow. It takes a while for Benzi's workflow to show the results though.
  14. I've been using pretty much the same workflows on both my iMac (running on Snow Leopard) and laptop (running on Lion). No problems so far on Lion, but some workflows worked a couple of times on SL and stopped working at all. I indexed Spotlight, cleared the app cache and rebuilt the OS X Metadata. Nothing has changed so far. As you can see in this case, it doesn't recognize that the workflow is installed. In this one it does but after I start to type the search, it doesn't anymore. I also had trouble with a Wikipedia workflow, but now it is working again so far. I also had to stop using the "Purge" workflow as well. Does anyone else using SL have encountered similar issues?
  15. I'm using PostBox instead of Outlook. I was wondering what things needed to be changed so this can be adapted (if at all). Is it possible?
  16. I got the "command not found" from Terminal as well.
  17. Well, I just installed it. I still get the "-1 MB purged" & "0 MB purged" notifications. *sigh*
  18. Well, I finally got the time to get to this after a very hectic week at work. I followed the instructions posted here to uninstall Xcode, and got a "command not found" from Terminal. Not sure if it's safe to install the command line tools now. And this is how far I went with this
  19. I'll try to install this. I was reading on that page that Xcode needs to be uninstalled first. I just hope I don't screw anything up. I'll let you know how goes!
  20. I went and typed what you asked for, and this info appeared: Mach Virtual Memory Statistics: (page size of 4096 bytes) Pages free: 1951. Pages active: 444920. Pages inactive: 216685. Pages speculative: 20735. Pages wired down: 298320. "Translation faults": 427055234. Pages copy-on-write: 10410650. Pages zero filled: 290062742. Pages reactivated: 10168293. Pageins: 10613166. Pageouts: 3808810. Object cache: 2149 hits of 951031 lookups (0% hit rate) Does this help?
  21. Thanks! Downloaded the new version , but I still get "0 MB purged"
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