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  1. Sure, I can wait. Thanks!
  2. *Last bump before uninstalling* Anyone else having trouble with this on Snow Leopard?
  3. I just checked the weather and got this: Those 24ยบ are obviously wrong as I'm freezing my ass off The web search on the left shows the right temperature right now. The settings are the same as the last time I changed them, and the workflow was working fine until today. Can anyone help me to figure out what's going on?
  4. Python version's 2.6.1
  5. *bump* I have finally installed this workflow on my desktop that's running on Snow Leopard. Most of the times I get this: while others I get "-1 MB purged." Any ideas if this a compatibility issue?
  6. 1) I'm on Parallels 6 still... 2) The path is not "/Users/(your login)/Library/Parallels/Applications Menus" but "/Users/(your login)/Applications (Parallels)" in this version. I have already bought version 8 but I'm not sure when I'll have the time to upgrade (whenever works allows it, regrettably). Thanks anyway. I'll keep this workflow for the new version.
  7. I just downloaded this workflow, and this is what I got when looking for Calibre on my Parallels. I tried with another three different programs and I get the same error = zero results. I do have the "Share Windows Applications with Mac" enabled though. I also noted that the workflow says "open file." Shouldn't it be "open app"? Just wondering as I have no idea how this works.
  8. Awesome workflow, thanks for sharing!
  9. I was opening the file to copy the location string, and realized that there were only three decimals after the comma instead of four. I changed it to four and now it's working great. Thanks
  10. Thanks. I registered for the API key, set the location as specified in the very first post of this thread, and I got an "invalid response - not JSON object" error. Any ideas why I'm getting this?
  11. Seconding this. Being able to enter the location manually would be great!
  12. Thank you! I still use this one in my old Mac, and I was looking for the v2! Works great so far.
  13. Yes, that's exactly the one I reinstalled, your updated version. ETA: Is there anything else I need to delete besides the workflow before reinstalling? Not sure if I followed all the steps in the reinstall.
  14. *bump* Downloaded and reinstalled again, but keep having the same problem. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  15. Hi Benzi, I just installed your workflow. It doesn't matter what language I choose, all the results I see are from 'en.wikipedia.org.' (Tried with 'es' and 'it', btw). How can I fix this? (I installed the latest version you uploaded).
  16. Thanks, Tyler! At first nothing happened, but then I realized that I had to move the 'line' that goes from 'Hotkey' to the App itself, and it worked like a charm Now, the workflow name remained as 'Launch file group from hotkey' How can I change that? I've no idea how to do it.
  17. This is where I'm stuck. When I click on the 'Launch Apps/File' field, no Apps appear at all. The only option I have is to drag and drop a type of file. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?
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