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    Southgirl reacted to dfay in Case Converter (including Title Case)   
    Updated August 24, 2018
    This is now a single workflow -- there are hotkeys for the following five actions:
    Capitalize - capitalizes all words (e.g. Posting A New Topic In Share Your Workflows)
    Title Case - capitalizes word except for "the", "in", "of" etc. according to American English title conventions (e.g. Posting a New Topic in Share Your Workflows)
    Sentence Case - capitalizes only the first letter of the first word & converts the rest to lower case
    All of these are set to Copy to Clipboard and Paste by default.
    There's also a script filter cc which lets you view the query converted and select your choice (like the Code Case workflow).
    You can also connect a hot key directly to the cc script filter directly to view the output options without typing the cc command and pasting your text.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/3k2lh21g5wnqrkp/Case Converter 2.alfredworkflow?dl=0
    2018-02-09: updated link and updated workflow with fix to python workflow library
    The old version is described below and still available, if anyone prefers it.
    Workflow Version:
    This workflow converts the case of the text on the clipboard.
    There are two workflows which display the following five options:
    Capitalize - capitalizes all words (e.g. Posting A New Topic In Share Your Workflows)
    Title Case - capitalizes word except for "the", "in", "of" etc. according to American English title conventions (e.g. Posting a New Topic in Share Your Workflows)
    Sentence Case - capitalizes only the first letter of the first word & converts the rest to lower case
    The keyword case will transform the text on the clipboard without pasting the result.
    The keyword casep will transform the text on the clipboard and paste (using Applescript System Events)
    Hotkey Version:
    Here is a version for use with hotkeys which will operate on the active selection in OS X and paste it with the converted text.  These all have a half second delay prior to pasting, which is necessary for Applescript to be able to paste.
    Notes and Revision History:
    These use the Title Case perl script found at https://raw.github.com/ap/titlecase/master/titlecase .
    If you manage academic citations with BibDesk, Zotero, Papers, Mendeley, etc., Title Case conversion is especially useful for cleaning up downloaded citations.
    Updated May 3, 2013 with nicer colored icon thanks to mjv ( http://www.alfredforum.com/user/4384-mjv/ )
    Updated February 5, 2014 to handle Sentence Case and to add a second keyword to paste after conversion.
    Updated May 20, 2014 with hotkeys
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    Southgirl got a reaction from shmulvad in Roman Numeral Converter   
    Works great, thanks!
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    Southgirl reacted to shmulvad in Roman Numeral Converter   
    Roman Numeral Converter
    Convert between roman numerals and arabic integers
    To download, visit the latest release at GitHub. All further updates are handled automatically.  
    This is a fairly simple workflow for converting between roman numerals and arabic integers. This has been made before by Tyler Eich (Packal link), but hasn't been updated since 2015 and stopped working on my computer during an Alfred or macOS update (can't remember which). But I had an use case for this, and therefore I made a new version written in Python for this simple task.
    In Alfred, type rn and enter either your roman numeral or arabic integer. Selected result is copied to your clipboard. 

    The expression is being evaluated as you type it. If the expression cannot be evaluated, for example if you are using illegal characters, user will be notified about that. 

    The workflow doesn't support incorrectly written roman numerals, i.e. "IC", and will also notify user about this:

    The workflow makes use of the following code to focus on the implementation of the conversion between the number systems rather than focusing on a lot of Alfred Workflow related stuff.
    OneUpdater to easily check for updates by vitorgalvao. Alfred Workflow Feedback XML Generation to easily add items by lrrfantasy.  
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    Southgirl got a reaction from Vinay W in JustWatch - Alfred Workflow   
    Works like a charm, thanks!
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    Southgirl reacted to Vinay W in JustWatch - Alfred Workflow   
    Just Watch - Alfred Workflow
    Alfred workflow to easily find where to stream your movies/tv-shows. Based on an unofficial JustWatch API.

    ⚛ Features
    Find where to stream your favourite movies and tv shows in an instant. No more logging into each of Netflix, Prime Video et al to check where a movie or tv-show is available. Search by region. Default region: AU (see instructions below to setup your region) Quick look - to enlarge movie posters or preview listing urls. ✅ Install
    Download and open the workflow file using Alfred. Get the latest release from here : https://github.com/vinaywadhwa/justwatch-alfred/releases  
    P.S.: You need to buy the Powerpack to use this workflow.
    🛠 Setup:
    Set your Country Code in the workflow variables. Default country code/locale : AU  
    ..and that's it. Start discovering right away!
    👬 Contribution
    Report issues Open pull request with improvements Spread the word Reach out with any feedback   
    PS: Thanks to @deanishe for the workflow libs and thumbnail loading ideas. 
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    Southgirl reacted to isaacpz in Word Search: A workflow to make you a better writer   
    Word Search is an Alfred 2/3 workflow which exposes powerful word searching utilities. Ultimately, the workflow can be leveraged to widen your vocabulary and make you a better writer.
    Quick Reference
    syn [word] - Broadly searches for words related to a word/phrase. dsyn [word] - Searches for a word’s exact synonyms. ant [word] - Searches for a word’s antonyms. rhyme [word] - Searches a word’s rhymes. describing [word] - Searches for words that describe another word Usage
    Simply type in a command. Selecting a result will copy that word to your clipboard and automatically paste it in the front most app.
    Simply download the latest .alfredworkflow file and double click it to import it to Alfred. Word Search will update on its own.
    Searching for words that describe “dog” 

    This forum doesn't like many images. If you want to see more screenshots, checkout the github page.
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    Southgirl reacted to Jarek in TimeZones - a World Clock script filter [updated to v1.7]   
    Latest version can be downloaded from:
    https://github.com/jaroslawhartman/TimeZones-Alfred https://jhartman.pl/tag/alfred/ http://www.packal.org/workflow/timezones-2 At time of writing, v2.6 is the latest.
    Best regards,
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    Southgirl reacted to jackharrisonsherlock in Minimal   
    Install the minimal Alfred theme and Github repo with options setup. 

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    Southgirl reacted to deerawan in Material Design Theme Alfred V3 - 13 Themes to Choose!   
    Material Design Theme 
    For Material Design lovers 
    Note: I have not tested it yet on Alfred 2
    Download All Themes
    Download Single Theme
    Click the download link below the theme name Save as the file (keep the extension to be .alfredappeareance)  
    Light Themes
    Material Tosca

    Material Purple

    Material Green

    Material Blue Grey

    Material Brown

    Material Red

    Material Blue

    Material Yellow

    Material Pink

    Dark Themes
    Material Tosca Dark

    Material Blue Dark

    Material Blue Grey Dark

    Material Red Dark

    Hope you like it!
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    Southgirl reacted to tone in Movie and TV Show Search   
    Movie and TV Show Search
    Search for movies or tv shows and get general info and ratings from various sites.

    Get movie/tv show runtime, genre, MPAA rating Get ratings from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic (if available) Show a link to a trailer (if available) Show a few credits  
    Get the workflow from Packal or GitHub.
    Type 'movie' and the title you'd like to search for. Select item (ENTER) to get movie info. Type 'tv' and the title you'd like to search for. Select item (ENTER) to get show info.  
    Thanks to @deanishe for Alfred-Workflow. Uses TMDb and OMDb APIs for info. @vitor for all his help with developing a great workflow  
    2.6 (2017-11-27)
    Big thanks to @vitor for implementing the following enhancements:
    - Add support for OneUpdater
    - Move OMDb API key to workflow environment variables
    2.5 (2017-11-27)
    - Added free OMDb API key
    2.3 (2015-07-30)
    - Add RottenTomatoes audience score
    2.2 (2015-05-01)
    - Open YouTube trailer (if available) when choosing to search all rating sites
    - Friendly message when internet connection isn't working properly   2.1 (2015-01-28)
    - added menu item to search all rating sites at once - added script behaviour queue delay (requires Alfred 2.6 or higher) - fixed rotten tomatoes search   2.0 (2015-01-20)
    - added tv show search
    - fixed issue with quick look not working for some items - removed tiny poster icon (didn't like the squishing and there was an issue with caching the icon in Alfred)   1.3 (2015-01-16)
    - removed argparse reference (and setting personal TMDb API key functionality)
    - updated alfred-workflow library to latest (v1.11.0)
    - fix/tidy up string encoding issues
    - error handling fixes
    1.2 (2015-01-11)
    - show tiny poster in movie details listing
    - generate sexy html file for when first item in details listing is selected
    - add fallback search item (must be added manually in Alfred preferences > Features > Default Results > Setup fallback results)
    1.1 (2015-01-10)
    - Add default TMDb API key
    1.0 (2015-01-10)
    - Initial release
    This workflow is released under the MIT Licence.
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    Southgirl reacted to targumanu in Mac App Store Search   
    Search the Mac App Store and view search results with artwork previews right in Alfred.
    Open search results in App Store.app (default behavior) Quick Look search results' preview pages right in Alfred (press Shift, the Quick Look feature must be enabled in Alfred's preferences) Open search results' preview pages in your default browser (modifier key — Command) The workflow's preferences (keyword — masprefs) allow you to set the maximum search results limit and preferred store country, as well as clear the artwork cache.   Additional keywords allow you to open the App Store app's Purchases (“masp”) and Updates (“masu”) tabs.   Download
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    Southgirl reacted to ibnuh in Character & Word Counter Workflow   
    Github Repo: https://github.com/ibnuh/alfred-character-counter-workflow

    Character & Word Counter for Alfred
    An Alfred Workflow that count character & word for you
    Download from Release 1.0
    Keyword: cw
    Clone the repository Open your favourite terminal
    composer install Credits
    Icons by flaticon.com PHP helper class for Alfred Workflows by joetannenbaum/alfred-workflow
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    Southgirl reacted to Mpco in Recent Documents / Apps ?   
    This workflow can list documents and apps opened recently.
    Especially, it can list files opened recently by the foremost app.
    System: macOS 10.11+
    Github: https://github.com/mpco/Alfred3-workflow-recent-documents
    You can press Enter to open the file in result, or press ⌘CMD-Enter to reveal it in Finder.
    Tap rr to list files opened recently by the foremost app.
    For example:
    Recent folders will be listed when Finder is foremost. Recent rtf, text files will be listed when TextEdit app is foremost. Recent *.sketch files will be listed when Sketch app is foremost. Recent *.xcodeproj project files will be listed when Xcode app is foremost. The subtitle of each result consists of ⏱modified time and ?path of the file.

    Tap rf to list recent folders.
    Opening recent folders is very common in use. Tapping rf is a more efficient way, even though you can activate Finder and then tap rr.

    Tap rd to list recent files.
    These files were recently opened by user, not like rr which is just for the foremost app.

    Tap ra to list apps opened recently.

    Exclude folders from the results.
    You can add private folder pathes separated by colon : to the Workflow Environment Variable ExcludedFolders. The results will not show private folders and any files inside them.
    For example: ~/privateFolder1/:/Users/G/privateFolder2/
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    Southgirl reacted to Jarek in TimeZones - a World Clock script filter [updated to v1.7]   
    This is actually an issue, and this is pretty serious:
    In a short - it's caused by Google, who disabled charge-free access to their services.
    I'd have to find an other (free) service to provide an API to lookup for Time Zone details based on Geographical location.
    Until then, adding new city or update timezones will not work ? As a workaround, add a line with Boston to the config file. Open in terminal
    $ open -a /Applications/TextEdit.app "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/carlosnz.timezones/timezones.txt" Add a line like:
    Dubai|Dubai|United Arab Emirates|25.2048493|55.2707828|14400|Asia/Dubai|Gulf Standard Time|UTC+4||971 Best regards,
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    Southgirl reacted to Jarek in TimeZones - a World Clock script filter [updated to v1.7]   
    In fact, 24h format has been hardcoded into version I've tailored from CarlosNS' version. This has been updated in v1.9 which can be downloaded from http://jhartman.pl/download/alfred-timezone-workflow/
    Format cab be chosen using keywords 'timezone 24h' and 'timezone 12h':

    Best regards,
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    Southgirl reacted to Carlos-Sz in Recent Items 4.2 for Alfred 3: Docs, Folders, Apps + Custom Categories + Favorites + Interaction with Open/Save Dialogs and more...   

    Workflow to display recent Finder files and folders featuring:
    5 default categories 2 custom categories Favorites, including a file action Keywords and hotkeys for Favorites and all categories apart Interaction with Open/Save dialogs and Finder Go To Folder Preview, reveal, open or use Alfred file actions Usage

    Show Alfred and type the keyword rec:

    You can also use the category keyword if you prefer to access the recent files directly, without an initial menu:
    Now: keyword now Folders: keyword fol Applications: keyword apps Documents: keyword docs Downloads: keyword dow Custom Category 1: keyword c1 Custom Category 2: keyword c2 Favorites: keyword fav In addition, there is a hotkey for the keyword rec, Favorites and all categories apart.

    Note that all keywords, as well as the hotkeys, can be changed (go to Alfred Preferences > Workflows).

    Finally, once inside a category you have the following actions:
    Return key: open the file or folder Command key: reveal the file or folder in Finder Option key: pass the file/older path to an open/save dialog or Finder window Control key: add/remove an item to/from Favorites Shift key: preview (Quick Look) the file or folder Custom Categories

    You can set up to two custom categories:
    Show Alfred and type the keyword recpref Select a category to configure and press return key Type an unique category name with at least 3 characters Type one or more (separated by comma) file types e.g.: com.adobe.pdf,public.plain-text To find a file type you can use Alfred Metadata Analyzer.

    To remove a custom category press command key while highlighting one of them in recpref.


    All files or folders set as a favorite item will remain in the list no matter how old they are.

    To add an item to Favorites just highlight a file or folder, hold control key and press return key.

    To remove an item go to Favorites, highlight an item, hold control key and press return key.

    You can also add items utilizing Alfred File Action (accepts multiple files).

    Note that Favorites has also its own keyword (fav) and hotkey.

    Interacting with Open/Save Dialog or Finder

    You can pass a recent file or folder path, or an item in Favorites, to an open/save dialog or even the current Finder window to go to that folder:
    when an open/save dialog is displayed type the keyword rec or any other category keyword find an item (a file or folder or an item from Favorites), highlight it, hold option key and press return key wait a bit so the workflow can load and paste the item path Default Folder

    The workflow remembers the last path used per application. To use the feature just type the keyword df when an open/save dialog is displayed.

    If the workflow was never used for the application, or the path does not exist anymore, then the keyword rec will be automatically triggered so you can select a path from a file or folder.

    There is also a hotkey to make things even faster.

    Make sure to give the feature time to process because e.g. if you hold keyboard keys way too long then the feature may not work as expected.

    What’s new
    Up to 2 custom categories (keyword recpref) Downloads category Keyword for each category Hotkey for each category Multiple files in Add to Favorites file action Changed Auto-path to Default Folder (keyworod df) Changed Just Now category to Now Added Help (keyword rechelp) Update to Alfred 2.3 features Several internal improvements  
    Version 4.2 Release date: 19 Jun 2016 Requires Alfred 3 Download  
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    Southgirl reacted to Jarek in TimeZones - a World Clock script filter [updated to v1.7]   
    Great tool, however as mentioned earlier, it's missing update to Alfred 3.
    Attached version compatible with Alfred 3 and one more enhancement:
    You can enter "tz <time>" in formats HH, HHMM or HH:MM to convert this time to your pre-defined time zones:

    You can download this version from http://jhartman.webd.pl/files/TimeZones Enhanced.zip (see below for updated version).
    Feel free to merge this feature to the official release (changed file: timezone_list.sh).
    Best regards,
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    Southgirl reacted to alfredclough in Rename File Workflow   
    This workflow simply allows to rename and existing file. The workflow prompts you with a box to enter the new file name. It can handle multiple arguments, so if you pass several files it will prompt you one by one for the new name for each file.
    Click here to download.


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    Southgirl reacted to nikipore in Firefox bookmarks and input history   
    Hello everybody,
    I just got Alfred 2 today and I thought that the time has come to set an end to the scandalous situation that there is no access to Firefox bookmarks (screenshot):
    It's written in very basic Python. If anyone wants to join in, there are a couple of things one might do from here:
    Quicksearch support display Favicons - EDIT: done better configurability (e.g. the place where places.db resides) - EDIT: done  
    EDIT: In the meantime, I've mashed up an IMHO quite useful and generic Python module which takes care of the nuts and bolts of the Alfred API (encoding issues, working directories according to the Workflow Best Practices, plist parsing, XML result compilation, ...). If you wish to use or improve it:
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    Southgirl reacted to shau-kote in Check and toggle status of Tunnelblick connections   
    It is a simple workflow to manage Tunnelblick connections.
    Type vpn and it displays all the Tunnelblick connections. You can narrow the list by typing part of the connection name. Select the connection and press enter to toggle its state.   
    Packal Page
    GIF with demo:
    Hope it will be useful for anyone besides me.
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    Southgirl reacted to Denkstream in OS X Retrofuture Theme   
    Enjoy my first published theme ever

    and dl link: http://cl.ly/0O0e2B2n2i0y
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    Southgirl reacted to poritsky in Search DuckDuckGo With Google Suggest Completions   
    Hi there Alfred community. This is a mod of David Ferguson's awesome Google Suggest Workflow. The only difference is that it uses DuckDuckGo to do the actual search in the end. I put more details over on the candler blog, but it should be pretty straightforward.
    Update May 8, 2014: Updated workflow to default to the new DuckDuckGo Next. More details here.
    Download Google Auto Complete to DDG.zip Download Google Auto Complete to DDG Next.zip   Enjoy!   Here's a screenshot:

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    Southgirl reacted to deanishe in FlixSearch — What's available on Netflix, and where   
    FlixSearch for Alfred

    See what's available on Netflix and where via FlixSearch.io.

    Download & Installation

    Download from GitHub releases or Packal. Double-click the FlixSearch-x.x.alfredworkflow file to install.


    Note: You must activate one or more countries before the workflow will work.
    flix <query> — Search FlixSearch.io for <query>. ↩ — Open the FlixSearch.io page in your default browser. ⌘ — Show video's genres in the subtitle. ⌥ — Show countries in which video is available in subtitle. ^ — Show FlixSearch.io URL in subtitle. ⇧ — Preview FlixSearch.io webpage with Quicklook. flixconf — Show workflow update status and configuration optionsUpdate status. Show whether a newer version of the workflow is available for download. Configure countries — Activate/deactivate countries to include in/exclude from search results. Activate the countries you visit or have VPN endpoints in. View help — Open this help file in your default browser. Reset workflow — Clear workflow cache and settings.  
    Licensing, thanks, etc.
    Please see the GitHub repo for details.
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    Southgirl reacted to pochemuto in Alfred Keyword Help - find available keyword   
    Hi there! It's my first public workflow. It helps to forget keyword for workflow which was not used long time. Just type ? and the name of the action and you will see a list of available actions.
    I hope that workflow will be useful 
    Current version: 1.0.2

    Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
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    Southgirl reacted to pochemuto in Alfred Keyword Help - find available keyword   
    Southgirl, sorry. Please check new 1.0.2 version. Download by link on top of the topic, I can't login in Packal to update there.
    deanishe, thanks for help! And for great workflows framework  It really helps to develop!
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