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    Southgirl reacted to shau-kote in Check and toggle status of Tunnelblick connections   
    It is a simple workflow to manage Tunnelblick connections.
    Type vpn and it displays all the Tunnelblick connections. You can narrow the list by typing part of the connection name. Select the connection and press enter to toggle its state.   
    Packal Page
    GIF with demo:
    Hope it will be useful for anyone besides me.
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    Southgirl reacted to Denkstream in OS X Retrofuture Theme   
    Enjoy my first published theme ever

    and dl link: http://cl.ly/0O0e2B2n2i0y
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    Southgirl reacted to poritsky in Search DuckDuckGo With Google Suggest Completions   
    Hi there Alfred community. This is a mod of David Ferguson's awesome Google Suggest Workflow. The only difference is that it uses DuckDuckGo to do the actual search in the end. I put more details over on the candler blog, but it should be pretty straightforward.
    Update May 8, 2014: Updated workflow to default to the new DuckDuckGo Next. More details here.
    Download Google Auto Complete to DDG.zip Download Google Auto Complete to DDG Next.zip   Enjoy!   Here's a screenshot:

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    Southgirl reacted to deanishe in FlixSearch — What's available on Netflix, and where   
    FlixSearch for Alfred

    See what's available on Netflix and where via FlixSearch.io.

    Download & Installation

    Download from GitHub releases or Packal. Double-click the FlixSearch-x.x.alfredworkflow file to install.


    Note: You must activate one or more countries before the workflow will work.
    flix <query> — Search FlixSearch.io for <query>. ↩ — Open the FlixSearch.io page in your default browser. ⌘ — Show video's genres in the subtitle. ⌥ — Show countries in which video is available in subtitle. ^ — Show FlixSearch.io URL in subtitle. ⇧ — Preview FlixSearch.io webpage with Quicklook. flixconf — Show workflow update status and configuration optionsUpdate status. Show whether a newer version of the workflow is available for download. Configure countries — Activate/deactivate countries to include in/exclude from search results. Activate the countries you visit or have VPN endpoints in. View help — Open this help file in your default browser. Reset workflow — Clear workflow cache and settings.  
    Licensing, thanks, etc.
    Please see the GitHub repo for details.
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    Southgirl reacted to pochemuto in Alfred Keyword Help - find available keyword   
    Hi there! It's my first public workflow. It helps to forget keyword for workflow which was not used long time. Just type ? and the name of the action and you will see a list of available actions.
    I hope that workflow will be useful 
    Current version: 1.0.2

    Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
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    Southgirl reacted to pochemuto in Alfred Keyword Help - find available keyword   
    Southgirl, sorry. Please check new 1.0.2 version. Download by link on top of the topic, I can't login in Packal to update there.
    deanishe, thanks for help! And for great workflows framework  It really helps to develop!
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    Southgirl reacted to deanishe in Packal: Workflow and Theme Repository   
    For a bit of fun (and to test a Workflow library I'm working on), I made a Workflow to search Packal.

    You can get the Workflow here. The very brief source code is here.

    It uses the manifest.xml file exported to Packal's GitHub repo, so the information available to the Workflow is very limited (e.g. no workflow URL and, alas, no tags). Hitting ENTER on a result will send you to Packal's search page, which should show you only one result: the Workflow you actioned.

    As I say, it's just a bit of fun, so don't be asking for any funky features (though I'd happily add tag search and a proper URL if they're added to the manifest file, hint hint Shawn  ).
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    Southgirl reacted to designandsuch in Workflow: Units - convert currency length temperature weight and more   
    A better unit converter

     Download V0.6
    contact thijs@designandsuch.com for questions, bugs, ideas and such
    try out the demo
    There are more unit converters available. but i didn't like the lack of speed due to the feeds. Thus i redid one myself which calculates everything on your mac. It fetches new currency data once in a while.. that's the only time when a second delay might appear. And in my humble opinion it's already better than all other unit converters around.
    I might add more units in the future but so far it has:
    - 7 units temperature  ( celsius, kelvin, fahrenheit etc. )
    - 21 units on length  ( km, miles, nautical miles etc. )
    - 15 units on weight   ( kg, lb, etc. )
    - 8 units on time ( days, hours, years months etc )
    - 18 units on digital memory ( GB, MB TB bytes, kilobytes etc )
    - 5 units on speed ( km/h, miles per hour etc.
    - 90 units on currencies ( euro, dollar, pounds, dinar etc. )
    that's 164 units
    It has a nice blind rating system. so the more you choose for one answer, the more it will be likely that that one shows up in the suggestions.  
    Automatic updates from a currency xml file  
    I am working on an automatic update on the whole workflow so i could add new features while you use it. But that is not finished yet.. and i thought.. let's start sharing maybe ill get some nice feedback for possible cool ideas.  
    * designed the icons myself, probably could work some more on those too.  
    it doesn't need explanation...
    if you'll just start typing
    "5 kilometer to miles..."
    or something you will figure out how it works.
    some screenshots:
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    Southgirl reacted to juanra in Flat Alfred   
    Hi all of you,
    I was looking for a theme that was aligned with the flat design philosophy but didn't find one that made me smile.
    I decided to make one from scratch, using Flat UI colors and OSX BlueGreen theme as a base.  I want to do dark and light versions with every accent color but i need your help, so fork it on Github and help me.

    Here is my approach, I hope you enjoy it:

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    Southgirl reacted to leefur in The Minimalist: Flat UI colors   
    As a followup in "The Minimalist" series to Almost White (far and away the most popular theme in the forums now!) and Almost Black I wanted to do something more colorful, but still very clean, minimalist, and modern.
    So here is a suite of themes based on the lovely work over at flatuicolors.com.

    Download Flat UI Blue ›

    Download Flat UI Gray ›

    Download Flat UI Green ›

    Download Flat UI Orange ›

    Download Flat UI Purple ›

    Download Flat UI Red ›

    Download Flat UI Turquoise ›

    Download Flat UI White ›
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    Southgirl got a reaction from Ginfuru in Screen shot with Aflred   
    I just found this little gem and it works like a charm. Thanks for sharing!
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    Southgirl reacted to Ginfuru in Screen shot with Aflred   
    Here is the GitHub Repo: https://github.com/ginfuru/Alfred-ScreenCapture
    I write a lot of documents that require me to take screen shots regularly, to show a process or steps for whatever is relavent. So I created this workflow to help me save time, while not having to rely on small apps that site in the menu bar and it fully taking advantage of features that are already built into the OS. 
    This workflow use a Keyword trigger to capture your screen either as a full screen, a selection, a window or timed PNG file and then opens up the file in Preview for annotating/editing. 
    Download it - http://rnydm.us/Ndbp        >>> http://i.makitra.in/Ndbp
    If you'd like to change the file format
    Edit :  
    screencapture -icWP ~/Desktop/{query}.png Change it to: 
    screencapture -icWP pdf ~/Desktop/{query}.pdf You can change this to really whatever format you want. 
    If you'd like to change what Application that opens
    screencapture -icWP ~/Desktop/{query}.png Change it to:
    screencapture -icW ~/Desktop/screenshot.png And link it to the OUTPUT Run Script 
    If you have questions just ask
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    Southgirl reacted to kopischke in Check available disk space   
    I’ve updated Florian’s original workflow. This version
    has a friendlier display, including correct drive icons handles volumes with spaces in their names displays the correct name of the system drive offers actions on the drives (Finder reveal and Alfred browsing) is certified 100 % awk-free
    The repo is here, direct download here.
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    Southgirl reacted to jason0x43 in Unit converter (no longer maintained)   
    And now I've actually processed the rest of your post. It apparently takes several passes for me to actually read something. /sigh
    Anyway, the problem was that I hadn't tested the workflow with Python 2.6, which is what Snow Leopard comes with. I fixed a few incompatibilities, so it should work now.
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    Southgirl reacted to hzlzh in [Workflow List] Submit &Share you Workflows on AlfredWorkflow.com   
    [updated] 390+ workflows added.
    I love Alfred 2 Wordflow very much, so I made this new collection site to download and share workflow from everybody.
    many workflows have been added, also you can submit yours or others workflows, just keep their Author Name and Released Page please.
    Website: http://www.alfredworkflow.com/
    Submit you Works: http://www.alfredworkflow.com/submit-alfred-workflow/
    ps: This is an un-offical site and all the workflows can be added to the site even if it is a small action.

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    Southgirl reacted to jason0x43 in Unit converter (no longer maintained)   
    Note: This workflow is no longer maintained.
    This is a really simple workflow that performs unit conversions. Conversion commands look like:
        u {value} {in units} > {out units}
    You can include a space after the u keyword, but it's not required. Units can generally be abbreviated or not, as long as the input is unambiguous. Here are some valid commands:
    u 5km > miles u 5km > mi u5km>mi You can also do unit math (again, spaces are generally optional):
    u 1cm * 1in u 1in^2 / 2mm^2 u1cm+2.5in-3mm>ft Just remember that units matter. You won't get any output if you try to do something like 1cm * 1in > in, because multiplying two lengths gives an area (like in^2).
    The calculator is called as you type, so it'll give you an answer whenever you type a query it can process. Actioning the result will copy the value (just the number) to the clipboard. That's it!
    Well, there are also a couple options you can configure. You can open the configuration file with the command u>. The options are:
    "separator" - what separator to use between the input value and output units "precision" - how many decimal digits to include in the output (set to null for unlimited)  
    More info and source is available here.
    Update 2014/05/22:
    You can now use a space between a number and its units (e.g., "5 km" in addition to "5km").
    Update 2014/02/06:
    Unit math is back!
    Update 2013/12/07:
    Add output precision option (see above)
    Update 2013/12/01 (again):
    Bug fix
    Update 2013/12/01:
    Added support for using "space" as the unit separator, so you can do queries like "1mile km".
    Update 2013/11/30:
    Added Euros to the currency list. I also added a couple extra commands, accessible with the 'u>' command,
    Update 2013/11/29:
    Currency conversion is back.
    Update 2013/11/25:
    At last, I pushed out an update that should have this back up and running. It's using a local library now, so it's faster and not subject to the whims of Google. Sorry it took so long.
    Update 2013/11/5:
    Google shutdown the API this workflow was using on November 1, so it's broken until I switch it to something else. Sorry about that. I'll have it back up and running in a day or two.
    Update 2013/10/11:
    Update 2013/8/14:
    It should now work with Snow Leopard (Python 2.6).
    Update 2013/8/13:
    Now with Alleyoop support!
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    Southgirl reacted to mjv in Houses from Game of Thrones   
    Because I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones, their Houses and respective sigils (HBO link) here are some themes with their colors. Hope you enjoy and, if in the mood, make some comments or new themes.
    Dowload all 7 themes. Or individually, below:
    House of Arryn – download 

    House Baratheon – Download

    House Greyjoy – Download

    House Lannister – Download

    House Stark I – Download

    House Stark II – Download

    House Targaryen – Download

    House Tully – Download

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    Southgirl reacted to CarlosNZ in EggTimer v2 [updated to 2.0 final]   
    Hey folks,
    I've been chugging away building a new version of my EggTimer extension to take advantage of Alfred 2's new features. And now it's ready for whoever would like to to have a playaround with it and see what they think:
    EggTimer v2.0
    It will also be available at Tom's Alfred Repo, but I personally haven't had a chance to test that yet, so let me know how it goes for you.
    Now, it's very much a beta, as there's several things that don't work as well as I'd like yet, but I'm pretty pleased with how the integration with Alfred 2's new live results feedback via the Script Filter is working. My aim is to have a really nicely polished, easy-to-use (no users fiddling with config files) workflow ready to release by the time Alfred 2 goes public, so any comments or suggestions are most welcome.  It's ready! (22 March 2013)
    I've included a full summary of all the functionality in the documentation included in the download (enter timer help in Alfred), but here's just a quick overview of the features:
    Simple timers Auto-repeating timers Alarms (set a specific time) Snooze function Repeat function Recent Timers list (choose one to restart) Full integration into Alfred's results window. Couple of quick caveats:
    EggTimer currently requires growlnotify to display notifications when timers finish. This is because the timer process completely decouples from Alfred to run in the background, so it can’t feed back its output to Alfred. I’m working on a solution to use a Notification Centre alert option to make this as seamless as possible to the user.
    Currently, running timers won’t restart after a crash or a reboot. I’m working on a solution to this which I aim to have working soon.
    Okay, that's about it. Enjoy, and let me know how it works for you.
    21 January 2013: Updated to beta 2
    Timers/Alarms now use a “while…” loop to check due time against time of day (instead of just sleeping for a duration). This prevents the problem of timers running late if the computer was put to sleep. (Don't know why I didn't just do this to begin with.) ----
    24 January 2013: Updated to beta 3
    Now uses recommended working folders for storing timer info and preferences. The main benefit from the user point of view is that future updates won’t overwrite your timers and preferences. Timers and Auto-timers now accept hour:minute input. Syntax is timer HRS:MINS Reminder. Can now stop timers from the timer list using the option-key modifier. Kind of an ugly implementation though, as it will display the same information regardless of whether it’s context-appropriate. Trying to think of a better way to make this work. (Suggestions welcome!) Timers will be restored if they have crashed. This is only partially implemented though, because it’ll only check if you actually run the workflow. It won’t restore them at login yet, which is more important. Working on it. Miscellaneous minor tweaks. ----
    27 January 2013: Updated to beta 4
    The big one: will now resume timers after restart/re-login. EggTimer adds an entry to the OS X launchd daemon to check for and resume timers at startup. You will be prompted to give permission for this on first launch of EggTimer. New keyword/workflow structure. Check out the workflow config panel to see what’s what. If you’d prefer the old ones (all starting with timer), just change them yourself (eg. repeat -> timer repeat). You’ll note that from the timer list (timers or hotkey Ctrl-T) you can also select to launch a new timer or alarm (courtesy of Alfred’s new Applescript-ability). Now has a “nuke” option (timer nuke) to reset EggTimer back to initial blank config. (Deletes all working folders, cancels running timers, uninstalls startup item.) Fixed bug with “08” and “09” minutes entries when using hrs:mins timer format. More specific icons and other miscellaneous UI tweaks. beta4a
    Fixed minor (and embarrassing) regression. ----
    28 January 2013: Updated to beta4b
    Fixed absolute path reference preventing permission dialog from launching.  
    28 January 2013: Updated to beta4c
    Doh! One more pesky absolute path eliminated. There's still a bit of weirdness with resuming timers after a login though, so I'm still trying to figure that out. Maybe answer "no" to installing startup item for now.. beta4d
    Okay, the problem was fairly minor (just me being scatterbrained ), so the startup check should work nicely now. Here's hoping! ---
    22 March 2013: Updated to v2.0 (final)
    I've finally integrated proper notifications for the completed timers. It will work with either Growl or Notification Centre, depending on what you have selected in the workflow config. growlnotify is no longer required, and you'll find "EggTimer" as a properly registered application within Growl's preferences (where you can tweak it). Miscellaneous tweaks and tidy-ups (including documentation - timer help to display)
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    Southgirl reacted to Benzi in Battery - view summary stats about your laptop battery   
    Description: Shows summary information about your laptop battery (charge, time, status, charge cycles, and health - % of maximum charge your battery can now hold compared to its original design capacity)
    Usage: enter the keyword "battery"
    Tested on: Mountain Lion, MacBook Pro
    Download: from here
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    Southgirl reacted to egla in Just another minimalistic Theme [Light, Dark & El Capitan version] - Now with updated Fonts for El Capitan   
    Hey I made another minimalistic theme, as none fit my wishes really well!
    Minimalistic 3

    Minimalistic 3 Dark Mode

    Minimalistic Light 3

    Minimalistic Dark 3

    Minimalistic 3
    Minimalistic 3 Dark Mode
    Minimalistic Light 3
    Minimalistic Dark 3
    Thanks for the more than 10000 downloads!
    EDIT: Changed the color of the numbers for better readability for Minimalistic Light 3
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    Southgirl reacted to RodgerWW in About This Mac   
    The most current version can now be found on GitHub with very special thanks to xilopaint for continuing and modernizing the original workflow.
    GitHub Download. 
    Below are my older versions which I will now leave AS-IS for reference:
    DOWNLOAD (For Alfred 2)
    DOWNLOAD (For Alfred 3)
    For those that need to see/copy info from the system.
    Just open Alfred and type "about"
    To RESET the workflow type "xabout"
    FN+ENTER will copy the selected entry to the clipboard.
    SHIFT+ENTER will paste selected entry to front most app.
    CTRL+ENTER will take you to Apple's support website (based on your hardware).
    OPT+ENTER will take you to Apple's hardware specifications website (based on your hardware).
    January 11, 2018:
    Updated the 'HardwareIcons.xml' to include all new hardware found/referenced for icons of machines. This brings the hardware list up to date as of macOS 10.13.2 (17C205)
    This is just for Alfred 3 and the new filename is "AboutThisMac_2018.alfredworkflow", so make sure you are running the latest. This is a rather big update in terms of hardware icon support and I apologize for not doing it sooner folks!
    September 26, 2017:
    Added icon and updated script for macOS High Sierra.
    February 1, 2017:
    Added Macmini7,1 to xml for icon support.
    August 15, 2016:
    Added icon and updated script for macOS Sierra.
    Made a new version for Alfred 3 removing older Operating Systems to fall in line with what Alfred 3 supports.
    I am leaving the Alfred 2 version alone for those who still want to use it, but, it does not support macOS Sierra.
    June 3, 2014:
    Added Yosemite Icon (also updated script) for those using the Developer Previews so the System Version line shows the correct image.
    July 23, 2013:
    Added Mavericks Icon (also updated script) for those using the Developer Previews so the System Version line shows the correct image.
    July 9, 2013:
    I found an error in a line of my workflow which on most systems is a lenient one, but on some results in the Human Readable Machine in line 1 of the results to simply not show up. The error also made the links to the support site and hardware specs site not function correctly. I have corrected this line in the workflow.
    PLEASE NOTE: On SOME systems, and even on the current build of Mavericks, the plist file the workflow reads from is protected in a slightly different way. This means the permissions need to be changed on the plist. I have included the Terminal instructions in the 'readme' tab of the Workflow. To access this, load Alfred Preferences, Double Click on the Workflow in the left sidebar "About This Mac", and in the window that pops up, click the Readme tab ... and read!
    May 16, 2013:
    Added Model Identifier beside system name in top row. SO for MY system it now shows "iMac 27-inch, Mid 2011 (iMac12,2)"
    April 17, 2013 :
    Fixed a couple minor issues with incorrect selectors in the script. Serial number should show now, and 'GB' after memory size will show again.
    Added a system check for those that have multiple computers accessing one workflow folder (thanks DJay for pointing out that not everyone has only one computer).
    Removed randomUID generator for items, as the latest version of Alfred2 makes it possible to NOT have to specify unique IDs. SO, if you want an ordered list, please update Alfred to 2.0.3+
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    Southgirl reacted to jaspalx in Thesaurus   
    Please don't laugh at the code, I write applescript by copy-tweaking!
    Uses thesauras.altervista.org and ursanrazvan's applescript library.
    I'll aim to post any updates on my tumblr http://jaspalsahota.tumblr.com/post/48358079872/thesaurus-workflow-for-alfredapp-2
    Here's a screenshot
    If anyone makes this nicer/cleaner etc. please let me know.
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    Southgirl reacted to lxk0JNg9Uu in Purge Inactive Memory   
    I made an alfred (v1) extension which I ported over to a workflow. It not only purges inactive memory, but also shows the amount purged, e.g. "1024 MB Purged". It's only requirement is python, which I'm pretty sure is pre-installed on macs, so there *should* be no issues in that respect.
    Important Note - If this workflow is not working for you:
    This workflow sometimes requires Xcode Command Line Tools to use the purge command. To download the tools, you can do one of the following (and only one as if you do more it can cause issues):
    Download Xcode from the Mac App Store and go to Preferences -> Downloads -> Components and download Command Line Tools Register for a free account at http://developer.apple.com and go to https://developer.apple.com/downloads/index.action, search for command line and download the latest version of  Command Line Tools for your version of OS X If you are running OS X Snow Leopard, you can either do 1 or download the command line tools from https://github.com/downloads/kennethreitz/osx-gcc-installer/GCC-10.6.pkg, as Apple does not provide a version of Command Line Tools for OS X 10.6 on developer.apple.com You can download it at http://db.tt/mdQCdaT5
    I would be really grateful for any feedback

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    Southgirl reacted to Benzi in Wikipedia workflow (alternate)   
    Quite a simple workflow to search articles on wikipedia (English version). Inspired by a similar workflow here, but it appears the download link is broken...

    Based on feedback from folks, I have an updated version of this workflow. It allows you to
    Search against regional Wikipedia sites. E.g. to search against German wikipedia, type "w de what to search for" i.e. "w <language code> <search term>" Language codes are from Wikipedia. You can also configure it to search against just one default Wikipedia by modifying the script filter as mentioned in the workflow. Against each result, a snippet of the text from the wiki page is displayed Remember, you can press the Shift key against a search result to quickly view the associated web page from within Alfred.
    Try the new version and let me know your comments.
    Q: How can I set one language as the default?
    Open the workflow's Script Filter in Alfred, and follow the steps mentioned in there.
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    Southgirl reacted to Tyler Eich in Use Function Keys with Hotkey   
    The workflow's entry in the left sidebar will let you do this. Double click on the entry you want to edit, and a pull down menu will let you make changes.
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