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  1. Thanks Andrew, We're not deploying Powerpack. To modify the preference for the sync folder it seems like I will need to...modify the preferences and then deploy them to the clients. Since my goal is automation this method puts me in a catch 22. I guess at this point I'm only deploying it to one user account (which exists on multiple clients) so I'll just hard-code my installer to set that user as the owner.
  2. I am currently deploying Alfred 2 using Munki. This works great. I would like to deploy some Alfred custom Web Searches that are pre-configured for *all* user accounts on a machine. So far this doesn't work. There are a few possible solutions but what should be an solution seems to not be possible. Or I'm doing it wrong. Afred preferences live in: ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ But if they could also/instead live in: /Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ they would be the preferences for all users. Is there any way to make alfred preferences system-wide? If not my plan is to use a program called outset to run a script each time a new user logs in for the first time. The script will copy the Alfred.alfredpreferences package to the appropriate location for the user, then modify permissions/ownership accordingly. Not really difficult but thought it'd be worth asking if someone here can help me better understand what other options might be available. I'm sure there are others.
  3. I love using Alfred to open google docs from my local Drive folder. But I often already have a doc open in a tab somewhere. Is it possible to create a workflow that will reveal a browser tab if it exists? Ideally I'd have a workflow like this: Alfred search for "stuff" Found document in Drive folder called "stuff" If any open browser has an open tab called "stuff" then reveal that tab instead of opening a new tab. Thanks!
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