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  1. Hello, I would normally not want to expand my snippets in midstring. However, for for certain expansions, such as a; => ä o; => ö Only the special characters, I would like to expand in midstring. Currently I see the option only to enable mid string globally. It would be very helpful if it can be configured for separate group of snippets.
  2. Awesome! This worked. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Your repo has only the workflow binary. Could you also open source the source itself. Best Regards, Joe.
  4. Hello, The extension does not work in El Capitan (10.11 OSX). It says Error in Generating Results open /Users/.../Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2/Workflow Data/cc.hamid.gopinboard/ Best Regards, Joe.
  5. Hi @Andrew, Is there any update on this. I still see Alfred only accesses the 1st Vault and not the second Vault. Best Regards, Joe.
  6. Hi Guys, I do not prefer to install a workflow for this. Could Alfred-2 provide an option to choose, similar to what the OSX does.
  7. Hello, Awesome workflow. One feature that would help in better snappiness is - not to auto update every time after posting the bookmark. Two things that could be better are: 1. When posting a bookmark, just update the posted bookmark into the cache - without going and fetching from pinboard 2. Or update the cache only once per day Thanks Joe
  8. Hello Deanishe, Fixed another issue. Verbformen expects the URL of the verbs with umlauts as a: when the verb has ä and o:=> ö etc. Fixed and have done another minor release. You can take that. Also created a post in Share your Workflow and Packal http://www.packal.org/workflow/german-verb-conjugation Best Regards, Joe.
  9. Hello, Added a german verb conjugation workflow here Try it out, if you are eager enough to learn the intricacies of the german verbs and how it has to be conjugated! -Joe
  10. Hello Deanishe, Thanks for the feedback! 1. über - showing empty XML entries => Was not handling the empty body. Now handled it. 2. umlauts not working => yep! were not working. Since I'm learning German, I missed out the most basic testing.. Thanks for pointing it out. Fixed it. 3. workflow contents in a separate folder => Done. 4. workflow itself in release => Done. 5. workflows.php => Yea, had earlier created an example workflow and missed to clean up. Done. Have updated the github repo. Please check and let me know. Have a great day! Joe.
  11. Hello, Added a german verb conjugation workflow here Try it out, if you are eager enough to learn the intricacies of the german verbs and how it has to be conjugated! -Joe
  12. Great app. It would be helpful if it can handle addition and subtraction within its context.
  13. Hello, I’m using an alfred workflow: Google Translate In that, the text to invoke that work flow is "gd". Then you have to type the from and to language for translation such as "gd de>en" or "gd en>de". Is there a way to have a shortcut key that will put "gd de>en" and then wait for my german input. Note: I already raised the issue in github repo of that workflow and the author's response was that it had to be an alfred feature to handle this. https://github.com/thomashempel/AlfredGoogleTranslateWorkflow/issues/13 Best Regards, Joe.
  14. Hello, After I copy a URL, currently I open Alfred and then paste the URL, then the Return key opens the URL in my browser. Instead, would it be possible to create a shortcut to do this action. ie. How to open url with hotkey, but take the contents from the clipboard. Best Regards, Joe.
  15. Hello, I use the workflow from Bastian (Leo Dictionary) https://github.com/psistorm/alfredapp/tree/master/Leo%20Dictionary Now he has done an update. What is the correct way update the workflow in my Alfred 2. Should I open the workflow folder and remove the content and pull it from git directly! Best regards, Joe.
  16. Ah, I understand about the global image. What I meant was the smaller icons that I see in my custom workflow See the picture here: http://cl.ly/image/2v1J3P1x2U1Z If you see, the main Amazon search is from the Default Web Search. The other ones are my custom web searches in which I had already added the images. They are not displayed here. Anyway, as I had said, it is only a technicality.. Functionality works..
  17. Cool.. Thanks Vero That works! One suggestion would be: I have added images to my custom search. If that can be linked to the workflow it would look good.. It is only an appearance issue.. The workflow works as I would want it to.. Thanks Joe
  18. Hello Andrew, Thanks for the tip! In the Workflow, when I add "Actions->Default Web Search", Im only able to see the standard web searches that are available with Alfred 2. Would it be possible to also show the "Custom Web Searches" that I have added Best regards, Joe.
  19. Hello, Okay, so only a 'custom workflow' is possible, but not via 'Custom Search'. Got it. Let me try that
  20. Hello, Im able to create custom search engines Alfred->Preference->Features->Web Search Would it be possible to create a Custom Search, which will open multiple URLs. For instance, I want to search two different book sellers in a single shot. Best regards, Joe.
  21. Can you post your list of bookmarklets, so that it will give idea of which are good and which ones I can use it.
  22. Hi David, I also see the search is not best optimised. Did you get a chance to follow up on this and fix it.
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