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  1. I totally understand the nature of dev beta, so just posting for FYI. However, it now opened randomly. I tried to terminal erase the index spotlight, and may have affected it?
  2. Well, that changed after 10 min. No idea why.
  3. Any way to download this directly as to test in Big Sur? Alfred 4.0.9 won't open in new beta.
  4. As title describes, Alfred cannot open in the new beta. 4.0.9
  5. Same issue for me with the latest version 2.7.2 (407) and 10.10.5. Simply doesn't show it the first time you try to launch it after reboot and then for a while. Suddenly it will work, but takes many tries and time. You can enter preferences via cmd+. even if you cannot see the window
  6. Any chance we can get the script updated to Ruby 2.0! OR someone can link to the workflow again and I'll change to Ruby 1.8—non of the links are working. Thank you.
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