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  1. So I am trying to search the clipboard history of alfred by date. I remember copying something on a certain day and can pull that up but can't pull up things I copied around that date and time. Any help? I tried opening the database with bbedit and was pretty jumbled. If this is possible and answered please forgive the duplicate but if not, any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  2. This script is great but way too hotkey intensive for me to use as much as I'd like. - Anyway to get a scriptfilter set to optional? Start typing and you filter down the list to the command your looking for but in this way not necessary to remember the variables or the hotkeys as they are listed automatically in alfred's menu... That would make this so much more useful for me. I will play around some more and see if I can get it working off the example of another workflow but I tried before and got discouraged so I'll let you know but 1+ days you can be sure I have threw in the towel.
  3. well deserved exposure with the perk of helping even more users! congrats bud.
  4. This should work with Safari if allow javascript from smart search field is checked (in the develop menu - last listed)... correct? I never have much luck with bookmarklets but this would be a lifesaver if I can get it going. I will tinker if you say I 'might' have success... Cheers and thanks as always Vitor.
  5. The OP asked how this would be solved over in this thread: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2447-making-a-workflow-for-parcelapp/ seems like you could tackle this one pretty easily and a few different ways.
  6. My friend, will you please stop making us all look bad by making these ridiculously sweet workflows all the time? You crank out at least one AMAZING workflow every other day. Your just making other workflow creators look bad and worse, making me feel stupid for not being able to create one good simple workflow! STOP IT ALREADY! .... No seriously, please keep it up, lol. @alfred staff - can we get this guy a legend tag or something under his name instead of just "member?" - It's deserved, along with a couple other members here... I'm going to start a "workflow creator hall of fame" s
  7. I don't think it will be annoying, extra step that is. As long as you can filter the list down it should come up pretty quickly, plus if someone has a context they view all the time they could attach a hotkey to a quick applescript which calls Alfred up and populates with the string to get to that context. I am sure you will find a great solution so I should probably keep my mouth shut and just let you do your thing. Just my .02 cents.
  8. I know I didn't ask but it sounds pretty sweet to me, plus it's not that hard to change the modifier. Even those not so savvy among us like myself can do that!
  9. Alright, I'll give alfred some time to think. If you can't reproduce it there isn't anything for you to solve so no worries and I appreciate you looking in to it. Will let you know if it still happens even after giving alfred time to catch up... not that fast of a typist though lol. Cheers!
  10. Yeah I am not a GTD person either, just unorganized and don't really like super strict schemes like GTD although it can be interpreted for your needs personally. I will look at Agile Results, thanks for the link. This is a super useful workflow by the way. Random question but have you tried the OF2 beta? I am curious if it's much better or not, seems to be very nice but I am way down on the list of "testers." Thanks again for the workflow, much better than others I had seen, well none do what yours done but you set the bar pretty damn high! Cheers!
  11. Ahh! "r this" is awesome! Thank you for implementing it !! If I had to make a request for another app to integrate with I would have to say browser wise, Chromium. Although I could probably change the Google Chrome to Chromium which I haven't tried yet... Other app wise, Finder... write posix path or linking directly would be really cool. Weird things, probably due to my own requests for new additions... : When pressing "alt/option" to Show in Reminders.app it marks it as completed... I guess because Enter is to complete a reminder and alt is is to show so when you combine the t
  12. I am stuck between Things and OmniFocus - I don't want to get into Things and then have OF2 be great. ARGH! This workflow is awesome though! Makes me more tempted than ever to use OF. Thanks for sharing, love it.
  13. Found this on Github, very nice and easy to use. Really like it.
  14. Many thanks, I think your still batting a thousand. Going to grab the new version now.
  15. This current url... and it get's chopped up into... http www.alfredforum.com topic 917 reminders page 4 entry8958
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