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  1. So I am trying to search the clipboard history of alfred by date. I remember copying something on a certain day and can pull that up but can't pull up things I copied around that date and time. Any help? I tried opening the database with bbedit and was pretty jumbled. If this is possible and answered please forgive the duplicate but if not, any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  2. if you want to add it, writes safari's tabs to frontmost foldingtext window or opens the app if necessary. -- All code grabbed and requested help with from generous parties and unsuspecting github users. -- -- Create Markdown link from front most tab in safari and append -- to end of current FoldingText document as new list item. -- UNCOMMENT FOR USE IN ALFRED on alfred_script(q) --on run -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- BEGIN - INSERT ROUNDED TIME FUNCTION -- -- SHOULD MAKE IT A LIBRARY -- i.e. path from "go to file" or clintxs' "getCurrentDocument()" -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
  3. This script is great but way too hotkey intensive for me to use as much as I'd like. - Anyway to get a scriptfilter set to optional? Start typing and you filter down the list to the command your looking for but in this way not necessary to remember the variables or the hotkeys as they are listed automatically in alfred's menu... That would make this so much more useful for me. I will play around some more and see if I can get it working off the example of another workflow but I tried before and got discouraged so I'll let you know but 1+ days you can be sure I have threw in the towel.
  4. Save Link does one thing and does it pretty well but remember this workflow was also coded when Alfred v2 was in beta testing. Hell no excuses, I like this workflow and still use it. Anyways, don't ask me for features as I was the recipient of this little guy when I asked for a feature addition to SendURL - Coded generously by Jonas Erikson so don't ask me for any additions as I can't help myself let alone you. Quick break down: - "Later" is the keyword which populated the subtext with the url of the site your adding/viewing. - Save, Link, Workflow, Tag, and, okay - 5 tags I have given
  5. well deserved exposure with the perk of helping even more users! congrats bud.
  6. This should work with Safari if allow javascript from smart search field is checked (in the develop menu - last listed)... correct? I never have much luck with bookmarklets but this would be a lifesaver if I can get it going. I will tinker if you say I 'might' have success... Cheers and thanks as always Vitor.
  7. @Florian, straight to the point while still confusing! What is to be gained from the workflow or gained from beta testing? Either way, I needed the laugh. - You gain a better workflow, maybe someone who can provide feedback and fixes on your workflows along with some good karma. @ Tyler Eich - I think you blew everyone away with colors 1.0, I am glad to see your challenging yourself and not resting on your laurels so to speak. +1 for sharing the results of your hard work with us and even allowing open participation for sought after features, those which you haven't found a use case for a
  8. Okay a bit confusing with the snippets all doing different tasks. Here is a solution that will - Give you a prompt asking where the webloc file should be saved (it is here that you can move around and save it to a different directory) - The name of the file to be saved is pre-populated with the name/title of the browser window. tell application "Safari" to set thename to name of front document tell application "Safari" to set theUrl to URL of front document tell application "Finder" set resultFile to (choose file name with prompt "Save As File" default name thename default location pa
  9. Thanks again for doing all the heavy lifting! Definitely do not bother with the hotkey phantom bug and I say that as there could be a plethora of other reasons I ran into the problem of one hotkey working while another attached to the same script failed. If I have some time soon I will make a thorough test of the "problem" and report any notable results. I am still on 10.8.5 so maybe it is that, enough with the speculation though and I have nothing more to go on as I truly haven't attempted to reproduce the effects, or lack thereof an actions menu being called up by the key code(s). I have it
  10. There you go teaching me something new again. I have hazel set to Archive downloaded files every 3-4 days and then sort them by by date added in ~/downloads/archives/* and your right. The workflow is perfect now that the file was moved/archived by hazel but I guess ignorance with a bad archiving setup combined with bad luck of having a couple days left before the downloads get sorted into daily folders left me thinking I had a major problem. Long story short, I appreciate you taking the time to reply with this golden nugget of knowledge. I honestly probably would never, at least not until
  11. Finally figured out what was going on, at least in my case but you will be able to confirm with your settings. I had multiple hotkeys for each script, I know, a bit much but so darn useful it deserves more! Anyways, with those key codes being called with system events in the same script only one hotkey was actually pulling up file action menu while the other stopped at the selected file. I thought pulling up the selected file in the file browser was the intent until I read your post over with a little attention being spared. If you have the hotkeys configured to "Pass Through Modifier Keys
  12. Yeah, both are useful if your drowning in workflows but after working with both for awhile you will decide that it may just be best to backup all your workflows and Alfred's current preferences and state and then re-install only the very useful ones, defining useful is the hardest part. And now for my workflow idea: Nothing flashy happens and it pretty much would only show results in alfred once it has had time to observe how you use workflows but pretty much this OG statistician workflow would automatically report back with simple in-line feedback with numbers relating to each section
  13. Wow, I really need to make sure I am not simply reading the last post ever again. Sorry I missed the initial response so this is the third time I start over since I raise and/or answer items no longer relevant. I'll make this quick if your still around. - Most important, thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to consider and better yet adding the feature to the workflow. I hope others find it as useful as I do. - As you can tell... Yes, you hit the functionality I was hoping to have implemented or thought could be useful dead center. - Everything is fast and solid but I use eithe
  14. This is really useful. I also appreciate the rewrite as splitting actions up into separate scripts has made it much easier to modify and understand. Most likely already implemented in one way or another but I wanted to make a quick addition to the workflow and replicate the very useful "Get and Browse document in Alfred" workflow but using the template you created. so I had everything in one workflow. It would take you 10 seconds to put this together yourself but perhaps you don't want it or just forgot about revealing in alfred's file browser. Hopefully someone finds it useful, only
  15. You have compiled a hit with this one! No it's not as informative or comes out of the box providing users with lots or any configs as recent downloads by ddjfreedom does but it is capable of taking on arguments or follow-up scripts and is much faster and more accurate. Clinton Strong made the afformentioned workflow 100% faster and added awesome enhancements like % complete for safari downloads. However, if I had to choose one workflow and never receive another update, yours wins no question. I know this workflow is never breaking down which is half/all my fault for not being capable of fixin
  16. I think my most used workflow is telling me to upgrade to Mavericks already! I was running smooth for so long with this workflow and Mountain Lion (10.8) - Still haven't upgraded but at least the error output is consistent against all the builds I have tried. ❯ /usr/bin/ruby recent_downloads.rb " " /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/date/format.rb:1055:in `dup': can't dup NilClass (TypeError) from /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/date/format.rb:1055:in `_parse' from /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framewo
  17. ? I don't have this workflow but I do not see any previews in the screenshot... I would be very surprised this thread doesn't have 100+ replies if the workflow really showed previews of the results. I think your getting all there is to get. Sorry I can't give you anything solid... hope this helps a bit.
  18. Yup, luckily the code is on github and I would recommend packaging the original source so you know that nothing has been tampered with by a 3rd party but as a general note all workflows created by others should be inspected before running. Anyhow, with that in mind I won't package the workflow up for you as there are a few different ways I have seen that done and don't know how alfred does the zipping. As a general rule they are simply zip archives so unzip for source and zip swapping extensions for .alfredworklow. 1) Download an archive of the repository from github and unzip, you should
  19. The OP asked how this would be solved over in this thread: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2447-making-a-workflow-for-parcelapp/ seems like you could tackle this one pretty easily and a few different ways.
  20. - In an empty workflow press the "+" in the top right of the sheet. From the drop down select "Actions" -> "Run Script" - in the new bloc that shows up, double-click and select language to the use the /usr/bin/osascript interpreter. - Leave all escaping options alone (checked/selected) and paste the following script into the appropriate area. Now add a hotkey field with the "+" button again, Select "Triggers" and then "Hotkey" Double click the new hotkey bloc and put in a combination. After that connect the two items. Hotkey----->Run Script See the credits link in the first
  21. Yeah, obviously a few hiccups right now with the hosting. @phyllisstein - Please let us know when the file is up again so we can down downer. Eh, tease...
  22. Truly impressed. Well thought out and executed without too much hype following the process. verdict: BADASS - Thank you!!
  23. Gotta say, I am super impressed with patience and vision for the workflow. You made it so you could profit but you've kept making it better for everyone here who needs(wants) it to function a certain way. All in all it does a very good job and descriptions put it over the top in the usefulness category. I haven't tried the unread feature but I am sure that one will be another handy gem. Many thanks for staying active on this. Was super reliable and quick since your first post here but it has gotten better over time with the last few days seeing the best additions imo. Keep it up! I hope you st
  24. I was under the impression that you could even change the folder name to a custom name that's descriptive - like using the uid for the folder name instead of the nondescript user.workflow.alphanumeric.on.steroids. Could be wrong, I would try it out but with my luck I will screw something badly. Let me make a backup of my workflows when I have time and get back to you on that. - Thanks a lot for this hazel script! I have been looking for ways to implement hazel and alfred and this can start my collection off. Do you mind if I post here any I work up, if I get them to work? I will post m
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