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  1. You wouldn't try this workflow http://asmodified.net/alfredworkflows/ - not my work but the nt keyword will do what you want, or whichever adds to "scratchpad" all can be changed. I think this latest version goes overboard with the each keyword for a different file when there are great scripts that can do adding to a different file in the same directory by just going >>filename at the end of your note but anyways I digress. You should be good with that one. If not check out QuickMDEntry on github by Rob Trew, the most amazing script I have ever seen for all your nvalt + markdown goodness. Both of these solutions don't require gui scripting or replicating key hits etc...
  2. Whoops and I just sent you a message about appending or better yet prepending to one file. Argh I should have read the forum first.
  3. I think you could look at the db, maybe if it changed size? Will think about it and send you some feedback about this when I have some more time. Thanks for considering it.
  4. I love the pinned feature! Thanks for continuing to make this one better.
  5. Ah I see where he was coming from then. Alright cool, yeah I thought I was crazy as it was impossible to launch QE without the app running. Thanks for clearing it up.
  6. Well you could see if the developer was the one who last modified it etc... I am not good with these things! Either way, thank you for putting this all together and I am sure more features such as this one will be added eventually.
  7. Alright thank you. I will check i out. "in list 2" seems like it could be useful but let me try to new version for a bit and let you know how it goes, i.e. any bugs etc... Won't have time to try it out until Friday when I get back but I am sure others will post feedback in the meantime. Thanks again for doing all this extra work to make everyone happy!
  8. I know this was brought up earlier but of course I have to +1 the duplicating blocks/"cloning"/anything but make me do everything manually!
  9. Yeah, I have to second that request. This is by far the best reminders workflow I have come across but unfortunately it still lacks the ability to define the list where the reminder should go to on the fly. I haven't found a reminders workflow that does, but it would be so very much needed and appreciated. I figured if it was possible it would have already been added to this workflow since it pretty much has everything else... a reason why I never mentioned anything but since someone else just did, I'll throw my +1 in the hopes that Mr. James has the time to make it happen. So what do you think? Will we eventually see this happen or most likely not? Either way, we appreciate your work and listening to all our nitpicking requests.
  10. Maybe it is working different for you than for me. I run the workflow and I get the app opening and then quick entry appearing. If Things.app is not running the workflow launches it and then display's the quick entry panel. So for you Things.app never runs? Just Quick Entry?
  11. This workflow is very cool! Thanks for the new update. I have a feature request though that should be pretty easy to add. Can we get notifications? Either by growlnotify or via notification workflow object, just someway to know for sure that the info was written to the day one database. A simple success {query}/failed {query} would be awesome but I'd settle for simple success/failure notification even without {query} - That might actually be cleaner especially with the long web addresses that can be logged. I find myself checking day one to verify the log was actually written... Thanks again!
  12. Really appreciate what your doing for everyone here until there is a proper way for dev's to manage their published workflows. I do however believe it would be a good idea if you asked developers to zip their workflows and sign the archive, of course also posting their public key somewhere so people can verify integrity. Workflows can probably be signed without being archived but I think we should take steps to ensure "validity" of files. Never hurts. Thanks for making this page though. Good job staying on top of everything, that must be a lot of work and traffic. Cheers!
  13. But if Things is not running it opens it to show you the quick entry hud... Check out the other workflows on here for more features. http://alfred.daniel.sh made a Things workflow today. I haven't tried it but all his work has been nice. Also see, http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/759-add-tasks-to-things/ - I used that one, works very well.
  14. Lots of good ones out there but a couple I think deserve mention are CarlosNZ's "EggTimer" and "New Text File with Tag" EggTimerv2 - http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/275-eggtimer-v2-updated-to-20-final/?hl=eggtimer New Text File with Tag - somewhere around here I'll find it later... EggTimer came out probably 2 weeks before Alfred 2 beta was open to supporters. For just creating a very intricate v1 extension he took on v2's workflows creating an amazing workflow that takes advantage of all of Alfred 2's new features. Great way to show how much more you can do with Alfred 2 and how much easier/cleaner it is. EggTimer for v1 was pretty nice for v1 but v2's workflow is ridiculous.
  15. I'm with Carlos on that one. Would be really nice to distinguish type. Love the workflow though, both are very useful.
  16. Yeah, thank you for making and sharing this workflow. Extremely snappy results with tons of options. Pinboard and Alfred have never played so nice, thanks!
  17. It really is not worth it or I think David would have already done it. Alfred 2 is much more complex, although workflows have .plist files still to hold setting information there is not much more in common in the way of similar keys being used etc... Much easier to just go in and make a v2 workflow. Also, no need to rename file to .zip - .alfredextension is already a zip file so just unzip that file without renaming. The plist's that you get tell you what you need to do... Should be familiar just looking at the command what needs to be added, i.e. bash script or applescript but if not look at <key>category</key> - SCRIPTS value means you just create a bash script for that command. Also just follow the info.plist info to get your settings in order for the escaping options. True means leave it checked and false means don't. Tip of advice. I think it is great there is no conversion/automation of v1 to v2 as I got rid of a lot of extensions I don't really need. Don't do conversion en masse - Use alfred as you would normally, see what scripts you are using often and add them in. One more thing, if you already have Alfred v1 installed, and those v1 extensions installed you can just go to your ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/extensions/ folder to see all the workflows i.e. all info.plist files w/o needing to unzip. Already organized by type so that might make it easier and they are named conventionally as you remember. Hope that helps, I know it's not much info or a script to convert, but as someone who had WAY more scripts than they needed on v1 I thought it would be terrible to do it by hand but it worked out for the best as I cleaned out my unused items and the easy to interpret labeling on v1's .plist files made configuration easy.
  18. Nice idea, I think it would be useful to steal an idea from the "Thoughts" workflow which copies the text of an entry when selected, gives feedback notifications, etc... but nice, thanks for sharing.
  19. Excellent, thanks for the quick response. I'm going to try this now... EDIT: Wow, that really does speed things up. About three times as fast now.
  20. How do you go about doing that if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for the tip, I suffer from the same problem so limiting the results is probably going to speed things up for me a good bit. thanks in advance for the help explaining something that's probably apparent to most cheers!
  21. Very useful workflow, powerful and saves a heck of a lot of time finding songs in finder or itunes. Plus the features I haven't even played with yet. Nice one thanks for sharing!
  22. Thanks for this and for adding the extra options even though you don't use them. Mighty nice of you!
  23. Ever tried the open source app "Slate" ? It is much more powerful imo than sizeup, open source, shell support, not sure about any kind of AppleScript support though. It could most likely be easily coded though if you were interested. Here is a link to the repo and readme... https://github.com/jigish/slate/
  24. I'll give it a go! Florian is a code wizard so you should definitely tap his skills and you have the language connection too.
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