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  1. i would really like to see this working. maybe there is a developer in the plex forum willing to fork this
  2. yeah, the local remote of a PMS , was what i meant. usually, i only want to control PMCs i'm sitting next to ;D this whole thing is pretty amazing. good job! dont want to hit the line - and i don't know whether this is possible or not. but if its possible, maybe you could inculde a little info box for a movie/series/episode? like clicking on the right arrow and a info-popup shows up. or like the normal alfred integration, when searching something -> right arrow -> options page shows up. this could include a cover, the rating, and a little infotext.
  3. no search worked.. tried anything... have waited over a minute is there any kind of debug-mode ? oh, and maybe i have to say, that i'm using mavericks?
  4. this is totally awesome! will it be possible to control a remote PMS? or only with local? you should post this in the plex forum. i think many users will think about using alfred, just because of that
  5. oops, ok. now, i first played something in spotify to test spotifous. ^^ play, pause and the info of song and artist is working fine. but the search function is still not working.
  6. everywhere... it seems, there is no connection to spotify. maybe because i installed spotify after spotifous? but i already reinstalled spotifous - without change.
  7. great thing. but sadly it does not work for me. shows nothing but "null" .. "null by" "null artist" and so on. maybe because "null" is called "zero" in german? is there any way to fix this?
  8. Hey. Please add paseboard functionality like with the app "Flycut". also please add option for "LIFO" and "FIFO". With the handling of Alfreds Paseboard, it isn't really possible to work with stacks. this way, the Alfred-Snippet/Paseboard function would be really perfect... and i don't need to use both anymore. thanks.
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