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  1. New update works a treat! Amazing workflow, highly recommended and by far my favorite of all. Thank you for all your hard work.
  2. Did what you asked, seems to be related to some SC files and not others. luxinate_temporary.part appears everytime however some target files then convert, others simply never appear. luxinate_temporary.part dissapears in either case. Many thanks! It's such a great workflow and i appreciate your efforts. * except in some cases, as i just found out, luxinate_temporary.part dosent appear at all. confusing! file types? tags within file types?
  3. That solved it! Thank you for your super fast solution. *update Unfortunately it would seem that although this initially fixed the issue, it now seems to be a problem again. The search works fine now but there are no results after selecting the audio. Notifications are working but not the actual download.
  4. Really impressive workflow, love it. Thank you. Unfortunately luxsoundcloud does not seem to work for me, after entering any letter after luxsoundcloud it reverts to a simple google search. I have the latest version.
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