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  1. I would like to build a workflow that will take a URL (or more than one) and some text, run the 'find' (⌘-f) function to search the site for that text and return the URL in a new tab if text is found. Example: URL: http://ontap.me/thefriendlyspot TEXT: IMPERIAL If there is an 'IMPERIAL' beer on the list, I would see the URL loaded in a new browser tab and the first instance of 'IMPERIAL' would be highlighted! If not I would get a "Sorry, 'IMPERIAL' not found" growl or notification or some such. This could have many different uses, but I want to know if the bars near me have what I want to drink without having to hit all of their sites... It also might be nice to know if a movie is available somewhere or something, but my beer needs come first!
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