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  2. dangit

    Evernote 9 beta 3

    I really love this workflow. I use it all the time. Most often I use the typenote hotkey to enter a quick new note that will get picked up by http://www.zendone.com. The problem I have is that the script that is parsing what I type in the alfred text box is responding too slowly. This causes one of two things to happen: The subtitle will continue to say "Loading..." for sometime after I've finished typing the note. Usually this isn't that long but I've seen it take up to 5 seconds to say anything else. During this time I just have to wait. The subtitle is slightly behind my typing and if I hit return, only the portion of the note that was reflected in the subtitle is sent to Evernote. So if I type "typenote -Call Dad. Tuesday<return>" quickly, often all that gets sent to Evernote is "-Call Dad. Tuesda". I have to wait and make sure all the characters get through the script filter before I hit return. This turns out to be a big problem. My workarounds are to either just be patient before hitting return (I don't always remember this) or to use enn instead of typenote, which is also suboptimal because I have to be sure to choose the "enter from text" option vs selection or clipboard. Is there anything that can be done about this? Thanks so much! --dan.