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  1. Hmm … I guessed they changed sth again as I am also getting this error.
  2. While a lot of people might love the new way of using the workflow, I preferred the old way of using it where it saved the new file with the actual name of the file and named the source png with "-original". Also I liked to be able to use it from Alftred directly without having to select a file on my desktop. That is hand when selecting more than one file, ok, but for a single one I prefer the old way. Is this hard to be integrated or modified? Can I maybe get that to work myself? Thanks for any help.
  3. Cool. Thanks. Is it also possible to directly shrink a folder containing PNGs with this API?
  4. Hi there, I looooove this workflow. Sadly within the last days it stopped working on my machine. If I try to compress an image I get the message "Shrunk Cannot GET /api/shrinkNAME-OF-FILE" Screenshot attached here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s28/sh/5bb8bc01-0467-4761-8d3c-d0cedd70b186/aad144746d51dcaae3ad627d4a5f2c1b Any idea what this is? Cheers! marc
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