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    skilled at the art of changing the subject; unlimited fountain of useless nonsense; usually able to finish 2 cheeseburgers with no problem

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  1. Oh good, I was hoping it wasn't anything important. I think you're right, though, I'll try a different copy and see if that does the trick
  2. Hello I recently reinstalled my OS X and all my apps including Alfred. My current build 2.4 (279) w/powerpack no remote but Alfred let me know I was missing an update. I received this message when I attempted to install it : I never received this message before so I wanted to check with the forum.
  3. Okay guys. Brace yourself.... There is a new TextExpander workflow . . . . . And it works! IT WORKS! *happy dance dance around*. I assume the programer must be some kind of Wizard or Ninja ... but which one? Do I bow or curtsy? ... what rhymes with... Semicolons? Never mind I'll just make it simple. Thank you! and Schönen Tag! --- Chrissy
  4. Hotdog! THAT's what I needed. Thank you MOOM. Without this forum I'd be so lost.
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