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  1. It happens on all files. I'm not seeing anything in the Console. Where does Alfred Log it's messages ? Thanks
  2. Vero, The device is a drobo. The file types vary from a folder, mp3 files, text files. They are not in use when I try and delete them. This was an action I was able to perform in Alfred V2 consistently Thanks Keric
  3. Since upgrading the Alfred V3, I've had an issue with deleting files on a mounted drive. When I select the files to delete, and use the delete action, I now receive the error "file deleted fail" Any thoughts ? Thanks
  4. I hadn't allowed spotlight indexing on the mounted drive, I enabled it. And then rebuild the spotlight index. This is no longer an issue for me. Not sure why it was working before, but I'm good now.
  5. Spotlight is not finding these files, I'll try rebuilding the index.
  6. I'm using Alfred 2.1.1 I have several apps that I keep on an encrypted disk image. The Mounted disk is listed in the "Search Scope". If I chose the "Clear Application Cache" off the advanced tab, apps that are the mounted drive are not seen. This had been working on the previous versions and just stopped when I upgraded to 2.1.1 Please let me know if I need to provide additional information. Thanks
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