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  1. Hi Caleb! Thanks for adding Dutch! If you could add copying the verse reference to the clipboard that would absolutely great. pl Fokke
  2. Carlos, Thanks for all your effort to get us going! I can confirm that 8.94 with Evernote 5.7.0 is working ok here for me. Fokke
  3. Hi Carlos, Tried 8.93 but the enn keyword is broken. Probably by Evernote, I use the newest version. Debugging resulted in error message below: [ERROR: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] Code 1: 0:90: execution error: Can’t get item 1 of {}. (-1728) If you have a link to the latest stable Evernote version I can revert back to would be great. Couldn't find it on the Evernote site. Fokke [update] Sometimes enn seems to work and sometimes not. Workaround is not typing 'enn' but type 'en' and wait till Alfred will suggest enn as the first option, hit enter and then the flow works.
  4. I also experiencing bugs and not working enn keyword. I thought it was because of Alfred but your suggestion is that it is Evernote. Will downgrade and see what happens. Thnxs. Fokke
  5. Carlos, Thank you so much for this workflow. Saves a lot of time and is key to my productivity workflow. I use the enn feature to create a note from a mail message quite often. When I do so the first 10-15 lines of the note is header info that is not needed, just a plain from and to would be enough. Would it be possible to change the workflow that way? Or is there something I can edit to make the header more concise? Best, Fokke
  6. V 2.3(264) The workflow that uses the Mail.app is: search for file and then use Email or Email to both options use mail instead of Airmail. Airmail is the default mail app. I use OSX mavericks.
  7. Hi, Emailing with the email keyword is working with Airmail. But sending files via the Email to option in Alfred opens mail.app instead of Airmail. Airmail is the default email client. I am using Mavericks. Best, Fokke
  8. Thanks Vero! Here is the link to the v1 extension I used. It would be great one of the users could help me out getting it to work in v2! https://github.com/d13t/Jump-to-Date Fokke
  9. Hi all, In Alfred v1 I had a simple script/extension where I could enter: jd 2 12 and it would go to the Calendar app on December 2nd. I could also add a year as parameter. Is there something available for v2? I couldn't find it and converting the old one to the new version didn't work. Best, Fokke
  10. Hi Dfey, It seems your script is broken. It jumps to all kinds of years and wrong dates even if I enter in the correct format. Do you have the same experience? Fokke
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