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  1. I've modified this to prepend "remind " at the beginning of the string to add a reminder without having to type "remind" on alfred_script(q) set x to "remind " set y to x & q tell application "Fantastical" parse sentence y end tell end alfred_script Thought this might be useful to others.
  2. The new iTerm integration worked, but the 2.9 beta version of iTerm needs to be installed. Here's a link to a YouTube video about how to install the new integration:
  3. Hi all, Frequently my alfred shortcut (CMD-Space) will stop working and will seem to cause the current working window to become active/inactive rather than popping the alfred window. There does not appear to be any common factor to what I was doing beforehand, possibly awaking the system from sleep but it is certainly not 100% replicable by sleeping the system. Force quitting the process and re-launching alfred will resolve the issue. This is quite troublesome because a huge part of why alfred is helpful involves being able to rely on it consistently. A lot of value of the product is lost if I can't depend on Alfred enough to adjust my habits to use it. I gathered a process sample while this is occurring and it is available here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2429555/Sample%20of%20Alfred%202.txt I am on 10.9 but this would occur with 10.8 as well Thanks for your time Adam Ryan
  4. I'd like to point out that I am having a similar problem with an applescript (triggered via automator) which launches iterm2. Here's the script: on run {input, parameters} tell application "Finder" set dir_path to "\"" & (POSIX path of (input as string)) & "\"" -- display dialog dir_path end tell CD_to(dir_path) end run on CD_to(theDir) tell application "iTerm" activate try set t to the last terminal on error set t to (make new terminal) end try tell t launch session "Default Session" tell the last session write text "cd " & theDir & ";clear;ls" end tell end tell end tell end CD_to Taken from http://peterdowns.com/posts/open-iterm-finder-service.html As much as I am hoping for a solution, the problem does look like it is with iTerm
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