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  1. Since forward.cat has been taken down - do we have an alternative for this?
  2. Heh thanks for the reply. I actually deleted my post cos I asked the same thing years ago I saw when I scrolled through this. I meant that I seek the ability to launch it with a keyword directly from finder. Thanks for the info
  3. Hello there. There is a workflow over at packal to transfer files to transfer.sh. The problem is that, if files has spaces in them it does not work. I tested with the "UploadFile" from another author, and his fileaction workflow works with files including spaces. I want a workflow that I can initiate with a keyword and not as a filebrowser. Anybody able to help with this? Thanks in advance
  4. I would really like to see the addition of hotkeys set for workflows as well, if possible
  5. Hi Vitor. Thanks for this flow. Is it possible to make a keyword for this so it will interact with finder/os x just like the hotkey option? I've messed around with it but i can't seem to make the keyword option to work as it doesn't pass the selected argument to the flow when doing this The reason i want this is because i can't remember all the hotkeys i've set currently so i don't need more of this haha Regards
  6. Cool work! It has become useful now. Good for educational use
  7. i can't get this to work either. I just fetched it off Packal.
  8. Thats a valid argument! I might switch to transmission because of this haha. Thought transmission was dead long time ago anyway
  9. Great workflow. Any chance for a port to uTorrent? That'd rock! Thanks Florian
  10. Is this one still developed? I use it countless times each day and i'm sad to see little to no development
  11. Hi Vitor. Just discovered this workflow. Is there a way for you to show the different conversions supported inside alfred? Im not savvy with markdown so i have to have this workflow page open as docu lol. Thanks for this!
  12. Hi Florian. This is a bit offtopic, sorry. Can't seem to find the original thread. I'm wondering if your pirate bay workflow could perhaps support other (private) trackers one day?
  13. Interesting! How about adding more percentage stuff to the workflow as well? If it houses other formulas it'd become utterly useful i believe!
  14. Seriously man. This workflow should be a native instead of the regular custom searches currently available. I really enjoy it!
  15. If you seek stuff to add to this workflow i stumbled across this; http://www.umingo.de/doku.php?id=misc:chat_smileys ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽_•︻̷̿┻̿═━一 SNIPERINO To ease the use you'd perhaps make a single keyword and then make it show a list of the entries?
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