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    Don Dahl got a reaction from 40-02 in Alfred Keyword Help - find available keyword   
    I would really like to see the addition of hotkeys set for workflows as well, if possible
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    Don Dahl got a reaction from deanishe in Searchio! Auto-suggestion from search engines in different languages   
    Awesome workflow. I like the versatility! This is truly amazing. I can see the potential for this workflow to evolve and include other searches such as IMDb and the like, so we don't need separate workflows for the same tasks. Cyber-highfive!
    One thing that'd be a nice addition would be the option to hold a modifier key to do a regular search without the suggesting feature.
    Edit: When using the google part of your workflow it's taking me to the actual search field and i need to hit the enter key in order to do the actual search. Is this intended? 
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    Don Dahl reacted to deanishe in Packal: Workflow and Theme Repository   
    We've been through this in detail before. And by that, I mean you asked exactly the same question and got a detailed answer.

    Water is wet, the sky is blue. Pointing out the obvious doesn't make it any easier to actually do it.

    Does that mean you won't post this exact same thing a third time?
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    Don Dahl reacted to deanishe in Secure Password Generator   
    Generate secure random passwords from Alfred. Uses /dev/urandom as source of entropy.

    Passwords can be generated based on strength or length. Offers multiple generators, including based on real words and pronounceable pseudo-words generated with Markov chains. Shows the strength of each generated password. Strictly offline — it's safer not to outsource your security to a webservice. Download & Installation

    Get the workflow from the GitHub releases page or Packal.

    Basic Usage
    pwgen [<strength>] — Generate passwords of the specified strength. Strength can be either a number (1 or above) or a specific amount of entropy in bits, e.g. 128b. The default is 3, which corresponds to 96 bits of entropy. pwlen [<length>] — Generate passwords of the specified length. Default is 20. Strength differs depending on the generator (e.g. for 20 characters, strength can vary between 50 and >100 bits of entropy). pwconf [<query>] — Alter the default strength/length and activate/deactivate different generators. Password Generators

    Several different password generators are included by default, including:
    ASCII letters, digits and punctuation ASCII letters and digits ASCII letters and digits, excluding easily-confused letters and numbers Digits only Pronounceable, randomly-generated gibberish words Dictionary words Password Strength

    Please see the GitHub README for detailed information on the strength of the generated passwords and which settings you should (or shouldn't) use.
    The default strength of 3 is sufficient for most purposes (~6.5 years to guess the password on 2015 dedicated password-cracking hardware). Use 4 for very important stuff.
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    Don Dahl reacted to sudopeople in Percent Change   
    Great idea! I usually just struggle in the calculator until I get the answer that looks correct. I have a few thoughts on how it would be more useful...for me at least.
    A. The wording seems to be incorrect. "3 percent of 100" is indeed 3, but if you type "3 of 10" (which, in your wording would be "3 percent of 10") you get 30, presumably 30% - which is wrong of course. I suggest you change the example wording to "What percentage of 100 is 3:" or to keep the order and English correct, "3 is what percentage of 100:" and the subtext with the answer could be renamed to "Percentage of" to differentiate it from...
    B. I expected, and would find useful, the ability to do exactly what your example text suggests: find out what 3% of 100 is. Or to make the examples more clear, what 3% of 10 is: 0.3. A command could be as simple as "3% of 10" - note the % symbol after the 3. The subtext of this would more accurately be "Percent of".
    Because of some of the confusion, I think it would be a good idea to add a % symbol to the answer where applicable. Since you're not using copy to clipboard anymore, I don't imagine that would be a burden on anyone. And with all the new features being added and proposed, I think it would add a lot of clarity when trying different formulas.

    New feature:

    I also made a new icon so it's visible in the black:

    Alone here:

    FYI, if you delete the 3rd argument on line 92 of percent.py, it will use the % icon above for completed calculations. (I'm not sure if you intended to use the info icon. I prefer the percent symbol the whole time, but don't really care.)
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    Don Dahl reacted to politicus in Google Maps Route Workflow   
    Awesome workflow. 
    Some feedback:
    I think the preferred google maps domain should be .com not .de. 
    No big deal as it is very easy to modify in the workflow settings.
    (Just did it).
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    Don Dahl reacted to bkmontgomery in Percent Change   
    Updated to version 1.2.0, which includes new calculations.
    1. Percent Change (increase/decrease): `% 3 6` -> 100% 2. Percent of; What is 3 percent of 100: `% 3 of 100` -> 3% 3. Percent Difference; What is 2 percent from 100: `% 100 - 2%` 4. Percent Increase; What is 100 + 2%: `% 100 + 2%`   Next version will be converted to a Script Filter.
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    Don Dahl reacted to vitor in MarkdownTransform — Convert Markdown to other formats   
    I don't plan on adding such a feature, I'm afraid. There are already workflows geared up for that type of functionality (Cheaters; Quick Ref), so I have no intention of duplicating that functionality. You should be able to easily find a markdown cheat sheet online, to keep the syntax always at hand.
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    Don Dahl reacted to bkmontgomery in Percent Change   
    Thanks for the feedback!  I admit, that I don't like the large output either. I've found that I tend to do 2 or 3 calculations in a row, so I'll try to figure out how to get live output.
    As for other calculations, I can think these might be useful:
    What percent of X is Y What is X percent from Y I'd be happy to incorporate any others!
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    Don Dahl got a reaction from deanishe in Searchio! Auto-suggestion from search engines in different languages   
    Seriously man. This workflow should be a native instead of the regular custom searches currently available. I really enjoy it!
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    Don Dahl reacted to deanishe in Searchio! Auto-suggestion from search engines in different languages   
    Update: Added 5 new search engines:
    Amazon eBay Google Images Google Maps YouTube
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    Don Dahl reacted to ramiro.araujo in Transmit 4 Favorites Workflow, FAST   
    Transmit 4 Workflow for Alfred app
    Workflow for searching and opening Favorites in Transmit 4 App. It's really fast, because it reads the SQLite Database or XML datasource in latests releases of Transmit 4.
    There are already at least 2 Transmit workflows, but one is incompatible with latests Transmit 4 and the other, although very good, uses AppleScript to do the searching, and thus you need to wait for Transmit to open to get feedback. This is particulary slow on non SSD machines.
    Type the keyword (default ftp) and start typing the name of the favorite to search; dead simple.

    For OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Download the alfred-transmit.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2.
    For Previous OS X Versions, Download the alfred-transmit.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2.
    Source Code
    Clone or Fork the Workflow: https://github.com/ramiroaraujo/alfred-transmit-workflow
    2013-12-16 - Released 2014-01-02 - Added support for previous OS versions, using System Ruby 1.8, tested up to Lion 2014-01-03 - Search in both Favorite name and host 2014-01-20 - Added support for Favorites.xml 2014-01-30 - Rebuilt XML search to use different Ruby xml parser Note: I updated the original description to match the project readme file
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    Don Dahl reacted to targumanu in IMDb Search with Ratings   
    Awesome idea!
    I've updated the workflow to add support for user-defined search term delimiters (disabled by default, go to workflow preferences to enable)
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    Don Dahl reacted to vdesabou in IMDb Search with Ratings   
    One possible way is to use the logic implemented in this workflow http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/4636-libgen-search-and-download-pdfs-and-ebooks-from-the-library-genesis-project/#entry28261
    It requires the user to type a period (.) after the query in order to initiate the search.
    I think it could make sense to use same logic in all (awesome) workflows you released (this one + all the MAS/iBook/iTunes searches)
    Just a thought
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    Don Dahl reacted to vitor in TemporaryEmail — Get a temporary email inbox   
    Don’t worry about it. If you do find one, please let me know.
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    Don Dahl reacted to Ritashugisha in Luxinate - Download video and audio from YouTube and SoundCloud   
    The available version should still work fine. I've been working for about 2 weeks on a full rewrite and have been playing with some big improvements. So be looking for the next version of Luxinate in the next week or so!
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    Don Dahl got a reaction from Ritashugisha in Luxinate - Download video and audio from YouTube and SoundCloud   
    SO after v5.2.0 I'm curious how to switch between the different icon sets? Can't seem to find my way to switch to white icons now =)
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    Don Dahl reacted to deanishe in Multilingual translation dictionary with Glosbe.com   
    Oops! My fault for not testing properly after fiddling with the code.
    The bug is fixed. Grab the fixed version from GitHub or Packal.
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    Don Dahl reacted to paulw in Strip formatting from clipboard text   
    If you go to Alfred Preferences, click on the Workflows icon, then at the bottom of the list of workflows, click the "+" sign, then choose Templates > Clipboard >  Paste as plain text from hotkey
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    Don Dahl reacted to HuskyHerder in Clouds   
    Yes please down load and replace your existing copy.
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    Don Dahl reacted to MaximiliumM in NTFS Enabler (Enable NTFS write on your drives)   
    I'm so sorry, Arthur.
    If you have downloaded the NTFS Enabler installer, please do it again and install it again. Same download link.
    I've made some changes to it and I hope it's more reliable now.
    I'd love to have a native, built-in, way of adding things to the sidebar. That's the only somewhat unreliable thing now ;(
    Also, I've changed the "Cancel" button to a "Not Now" button. And after pressing "Not Now" it stops asking you to enable NTFS write permission on that drive until you unmount it and mount it again.
    Thanks and sorry for the trouble.
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    Don Dahl got a reaction from altryne in Search, Download and Install mac apps   
    Cool flow when operating several macs Thanks
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    Don Dahl reacted to vrtcl1dvoshun in Add a version field for workflows   
    While you've provided good advice, I'm not a developer. I just want to use the workflows that have been made available and not have to scour the internets for updates. Not every workflow has been setup with this process. As I see it, there needs to be a standard for:
    where you keep user settings for updating the workflow for finding new workflows documenting what the workflow does documenting what needs to be changed in the workflow (i.e., user home folder, username, etc.) what version the workflow is currently at (visible in the Alfred preferences pane) I'm sure others could add to the list. My biggest frustration is that I feel like the developers of Alfred didn't forsee the collaborative community that would develop around workflows. As it currently stands, there is a forum (a forum!) that is being used to post workflows and their issues, feature suggestions, updates, etc. What an incredibly ineffective and inefficient means of communication for the development, support and distribution of workflows!
    You mentioned Alleyoop. From what I've gathered from the forum and its original developer, phyllisstein, it is deprecated. When I tried Monkey Patch, the vast majority of workflow had the error "Could not check for updates." Hear me when I say that I'm not criticizing either developer—they've performed the work on their own time and no other person that comes up with a workflow is required to use their system. A workable solution here should come from the developer and the developer only—this will ensure that others can be confident in their using it.
    Since there is no point in continually remaking the wheel, there needs to be an accessible and user friendly central repository from which any user can browse, download and update any workflow or theme. The repo should allow user feedback and submission of bug reports. It should be searchable and up-dateable from Alfred's interface. It should allow contribution from those who want to contribute. GitHub could be a fine answer to all these suggestions; perhaps there is something else, but IMHO any solution is better that what we currently have.
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    Don Dahl reacted to forgetfulfellow in Text/Message on iMessage directly from Alfred   
    Hey gvantass,
    My app seems to at least work with Google Talk; however my app favors contacting people through iMessage phone numbers over Jabber. If you have ever only contacted the person through Jabber and not with a phone number, I believe the keyword "im" should work?
    In the coming weeks, I think I'll add a Jabber keyword for these other services
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    Don Dahl reacted to jdfwarrior in 1Password beta   
    I'm not sure if it will affect anything or not. I'm willing to try it tomorrow afternoon/night and report back though. I would think that there wouldn't be an issue.
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