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  1. So for some reason the workflow stopped on me. I'm not quite sure why. I wish I could provide you with more details. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I really love this workflow so it would be awesome to get it back up and running.
  2. Okay so I got it working but here were some problems: 1. I couldn't download the same video twice. ( maybe this isn't necessary ) 2. When I set the path my Downloads folder, it wouldn't download the videos. Path: Users/alexcory/Downloads/ 3. When I tried to input the URL directly, it wouldn't work. 4. The video only option didn't work for me. Only if I did video and audio would it work. ( I did not try audio only ) I also did not try SoundCloud, Safari, or Playlist, but Chrome worked. Overall I freaking love this workflow. Genius. Like I wanna shake your hand for how well done it is.
  3. Great workflow! Okay so it says it's downloading the videos, and I changed the path to be my downloads folder, but for some reason I am unable to locate the video in my downloads folder. Any help please? Thanks!
  4. Thanks David! I actually use this feature a lot. I made the workflow initially like so which shows this ( I know you know this but I wanted the chance to play with the new image shack workflow ) However I was hoping for a workflow that would simply show the results like below BUT Showing Only Folders/Files in the root directory like above It's essentially just like the Sublime Text favorites workflow except it would show the contents of the root folder. ( almost like an automatic favorites ) I started learning AppleScript last night but have only gotten through the basics. I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to get the file to launch directly in ST3, it's just getting the root directory to populate the regular list that I'm having the most trouble with.
  5. I'm pretty new to Alfred in terms of developing workflows. I have done a couple but nothing notable. The idea is I am trying to display what is in my root folder, which is where I house all the folders I use for development. Then whichever one I selected would open in Sublime Text (ST3). Any idea on how to do this? I'm kind of failing right now.
  6. Hey guys! I'm pretty new to Alfred in terms of developing workflows. I have done a couple but nothing notable. The idea is I am trying to display what is in my root folder, which is where I house all the folders I use for development. Then whichever one I selected would open in Sublime Text (ST3). I thought I could get something from this recent downloads workflow because it displays the downloads folder in alfred, but I don't know ruby. If I could display the root folder like this and then whichever one I selected would open in ST3 that would be great. I also thought this Open in Sublime Text workflow would help but I don't know AppleScript either. I do have some experience with PHP however. Any help would be awesome!
  7. You navigate to the png image that you want to upload, within alfred, and then hit the right arrow. This will list different actions you can perform on this folder. I opened the folder to get to the image w/ in alfred. When I push the right arrow you can see the list of different actions you can perform on this image. At the bottom is upload to image shack. BOOM! haha Hope this helps!
  8. I thought that would put the correct link in your address bar. Sorry about that! Here it is. spotify:user:launchfishers:playlist:6km4PV6wTP5DwSRSdWFxqX
  9. I tried to copy the URL from the web app but whenever I would click on "copy spotify url' it wouldn't put anything in my clipboard. Here's the url: Alfred Playlist
  10. Yeah it's still displaying the same message. Let me know if you think of something! Besides that, great workflow.
  11. There's a workflow called Faves where you could save all of them in there. Here's a link http://goo.gl/fNecAV Also if you hit "cmd + option + /" it will bring up a list of your root path.
  12. Okay so we have another little problem. It's showing this: http://goo.gl/cPiuJp
  13. So what specifically is special about the 'Alfred Playlist' and forgive me for my skills in cs are still young but what is the "Set Your Alfred Playlist URI" and how do you use it? Also, how do I use the 'Search for music in your starred playlist'? I'm not able to leverage it fully. And one other thing, is it possible to star a song, go to the next song, or reverse to the previous song from this wf? Totally cool if not, but a good idea if possible! I was thinking if there was a way to leverage the left and right arrow keys kind of like how you can go into actions on folders when using "cmd + option + /". Left for revert to last song/replay last song, right goes to the next song. Any thoughts?
  14. I really want this. Is it available as a workflow for Alfred V2?
  15. Okay, so still no luck. Developer account is square. I saw that happy hacking this morning. It's showing the "Spotify indicates "Failed to load application miniplayer." But it's saying it's corrupted, which I'm assuming is the same. Here's a screenshot. http://goo.gl/wAjMtt Also I'm assuming when you say logout/login that you are talking about logout/login to spotify but just to be sure I logged-out/logged-in to my machine and it's still not working. Hmm… I do have another Spotify workflow installed called Spotify by Jeff Johns. Do you think that might be interfering?
  16. Yeah! Here's the file. I didn't see any error but spotify was asking me to restart to upgrade to the latest version, which I did but it still said restart. I think it's some kind of but because I uninstalled it yesterday and downloaded the latest version. Weird.. I can't figure out how to add a file here so here's a link to the file via my Google Drive: http://goo.gl/T5Jbg8
  17. So I thought I had authenticated my Spotify account as a developer account so I went ahead and downloaded the workflow and initiated the library. It was taking a while, which I saw it was mentioned it takes a while but I thought I might just go double check spotify. Well I guess I hadn't, so I made my account a developer account. How should I go about this? I'm pretty new to all the Alfred workflows and what not.
  18. By the way. You know in Chrome you can hit Cmd Shift T and it will reopen your last closed tab. You can keep doing this if it was like 2 or 3 closed tabs back. Just an fyi.
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