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  1. Yes...formatting problem has carried over to Yosemite. Would be great if someone would provide a script to clean up Contacts, or Alfred is recoded to compensate for the erroneous API info coming from Contacts.
  2. thanks for the suggestion. I've tried this step to no avail. From what has been offered, it seems the problem lies in how OS X formats the information. From whatever source it's being fetched, it seems there is some corruption going on. This formatting error, which only occurs where multiple telephone numbers are entered, occurs on both Mountain Lion and Mavericks.
  3. Thanks Andrew and Mike. I only enter telephone numbers via either my MBP running Mountain Lion, or my iMac (Mavericks). From a contact in Address Book with 2 telephone numbers (one correctly displayed in Alfred, the other not), I removed the number with the Alfred formatting problem. Incidentally, that number was correctly formatted in Contacts (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Once deleted, I added the number again. Alfred still shows a formatting problem with the 2nd number. Note, I'm using iCloud to populate my Contacts between 2 computers and 2 iPads. The illustration I attached to my 1st post was create
  4. Using OS X 10.9.1 and latest version of Alfred - 2.1.1 When I call up the Alfred panel to search for a contact, any contacts with multiple telephone numbers have a formatting bug. No problem if contact has only 1 telephone number. See attached screenshot.https://www.dropbox.com/s/ek3l1a589aowkr8/Alfred%20Test.jpg
  5. Using Mavericks 10.9, latest v of Alfred. In some instances phone numbers show up in Alfred's find panel without any separation between area code etc. I've attached a screenshot. Anyone else seeing this?
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