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  1. Bump version to (Font Awesome 4.0.3) Ruby 2.1 support Improve version number (but, it is not SemVer) Replace to new PNG files using fa2png
  2. Thanks :-) Maybe yes. but must create icon png files and icon names list.
  3. Download Font Awesome Workflow Description You can incremental search for Font Awesome Icons and paste it to front most app. Screenshots (Animated GIF) for coding HTML/CSS for designing in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc Usage Keyword fa: Search through Font Awesome Icons. Enter: Paste class name (for coding HTML/CSS. e.g. fa-arrow-circle-o-right) Ctrl + Enter: Paste character reference (for designing in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) Shift + Enter: Paste character code (e.g. f18e) Cmd + Enter: Open in browser (e.g. http://fontawesome.io/icon/arrow-circle-o-right) Download & Source Code https://github.com/ruedap/alfred2-font-awesome-workflow Feedback By far the best way to give me feedback is to submit an issue on GitHub. Thanks.
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