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  1. Alfred is no longer listing my apps after upgrading v2.2 (243). See screenshots attached. I have restarted Alfred. I've rebooted my Mac. I'm on 10.8.4 (corporate computer -- can't upgrade to Mavericks yet). Screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/WOM2W
  2. One of my Macs is only used about once every week. Every time I use it, it seems that Alfred needs to update. Now, I'm completely grateful that Alfred is a well-maintained app, and I rely on it for my workflow. It absolutely makes my life better in measurable ways. The powerpack, also, is well worth purchasing. However, being nagged constantly to update stinks. Why not do this: - without prompting the user, download updates in the background. - whenever alfred is restarted, if there is a downloaded update available, install it silently. - when a downloaded update is available, u
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