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  1. Thank you; I will try that! Just spent a good chunk of time doing this manually. Edit: And it works! I must have missed an update. This is literally the best day ever.
  2. I really miss this workflow. Has anyone been able to find a workaround or alternative solution?
  3. It's amazing!! Works great!! Thank you so much!!
  4. Hi @robwalton! Thanks for getting back to me. I have tried the 'uo <search term>' option and it works - as long as Ulysses is already open. If Ulysses isn't open, then I get two "something went wrong beeps" (as I call them), and Ulysses opens but the open dialogue doesn't. Because of this, I deactivated that keyword because a lot of times I don't want to open Ulysses, especially if it doesn't have what I'm looking for. I guess my computer is slow enough that waiting for a program (even one as light as Ulysses) to open so I can re-do a search, and (potentially) close it, is fr
  5. I love this workflow! I've been waiting for something like this! Would it be possible to include a search of the contents of sheets (like ⌘O in Ulysses)? I don't always remember the title of my sheets
  6. I will admit to scanning documentation and being herded effectively by big scary warnings
  7. Ah okay, I was wondering how I missed something like that
  8. That fixes it! Sorry - I must have misunderstood that yellow "Important" box in the documentation. Thank you for your time and help!
  9. Thank you for fixing it! I was able to check out the examples and they are very cool! I put together a list of Cree phrases, just to try it out. The Excel file simply has Cree in column A and English in column B. I was able to create the new workflow, but got an error - screenshot attached. Here's the output from debugging mode: [2016-11-01 18:15:32][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] options=Namespace(docpath='/Users/katie/Dropbox/Apps/Aflred/Alfred 3/Cree Phrases.xlsx', sheet='1', start_row='1', subtitle_col='', title_col='1', value_col='', variables={}) ------ alfred e
  10. I think this is a really cool and useful idea for a workflow. I was trying to check out one of the demo's (Random Names) but I get a "fatal error". Screenshot attached. Here's what came out of the debugging mode: Starting debug for 'I Sheet You Not' [2016-11-01 14:15:24][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] options=Namespace(docpath='./Demo.xlsx', sheet='1', start_row='1', subtitle_col='', title_col='1', value_col='', variables={}) ------ alfred env vars ------- debug='1' preferences='/Users/katie/Dropbox/Apps/Aflred/Alfred 3/Alfred.alfredpreferences' preferences_localhash='e4d7f5380fa
  11. After your comment, I checked the template I had set up and you're absolutely right - all accented characters (and perhaps other characters) are not rendered properly. Thanks to your clear instructions, I set up your alternative method, and I can now copy and paste from the preview. The idea that the rtf template method doesn't work as expected, however, is just the kind of thing that will niggle at me until I figure out how to fix it This type of issue is why I've avoided latex - the "brief" start I made had me spending hours trying to work out the smallest of details. This is my method of
  12. Thanks for checking, Andrew! It sounds like a lot of work and, given that the benefits are so minimal, I can see that it's not worthwhile. But I appreciate you looking into it! I tried importing a reference into BibDesk with your workflow and it was incredibly easy. Haven't been able to set up the APA export though. I've installed tex, set the preview to apalike, tried setting it to copy as RTF. To get the reference to copy in the way you describe, did you have to use a custom template? For those out there who are new to BibDesk and want to take advantage of this workflow, this is how
  13. Andrew, Oh, I see what you mean. I'll think about whether using BibDesk is worth the time savings at this point. Thanks for you help and advice! Katie
  14. Thanks, Andrew! I keep all of my papers in Papers2 but the reference and citation information is so bad and unreliable that it's pretty much useless so I don't use their magic manuscript (citation) functions. They don't support major Psychology databases so I had to rely on their Google Scholar import, which had some problems (e.g. the last author of every reference is not imported). I've "been meaning to" go back and make sure the citation information is correct but the truth is that I will probably never get around to it: I have a large library and I'm close to the end. I've been thinkin
  15. Thanks, Stephen! I'll look more closely at it when I have more time! Katie
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