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  1. Hi - the Packal link in the top post gets a 404 error
  2. Can't seem to get it working. Any instructions? What is Wlsetup? Do I need to do that so it works? Thanks
  3. Andrew after not much luck from 1password, I thought it through and decided to completely uninstall 1p and reinstall. This seemed to do the trick. Hazel now automatically finds the 1p data at `/Users/myname/Dropbox/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain`. Can I just say how impressed by how quickly and professionally you replied to my cry for help. Even Alfred himself would have been impressed. Thanks. Now I just need to start learning how to use all its capabilities and start saving time!
  4. I have have 1password Version 4.1.1 (411001) and Alfred v2.1.1 (227). I have never installed 1P v3. I have dropbox enabled and it does not recognise 1P in Alfred (frustratingly the reason I paid for the Powerpack!). I am on OS 10.9 Can you help please? See two screen shots of my settings...
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