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  1. homever

    Escape blank space from the copied path

    @Vero Yes, problem solved. Thanks!
  2. homever

    Escape blank space from the copied path

    Hi Vero, Thanks for the details. I might have deleted the the single quotes in the end.
  3. homever

    Escape blank space from the copied path

    I use the File action shortcut "CMD+OPT+/ ". I believe it's the same. I wanna use the copied path directly in Terminal, but some of my files have blank space, causing Terminal lose target directory. So, if is there any option to turn on the 'escape blank space and convert to backslash'?
  4. For folders and files have spaces in it, can Alfred escape those blanks with backslash so I can paste directly in Terminal? The escape option in Alfred preference does not seem to work for me.
  5. homever

    Apple Account Switcher

    The command (keyword) "fill" you are using in this recording is only to fill in the password to a specific apple ID. If you want to switch apple ID, you ought to use "switch"......
  6. homever

    Apple Account Switcher

    As I said in the comment, it is only working macOS 10.12.4 Beta (16E144f) since you told me you were still on 10.12.3.
  7. homever

    Apple Account Switcher

    Hmm, seems it's working again on macOS 10.12.4 Beta (16E144f) and iTunes ( However the Mac App Store is using ""sign out" instead of "sign out...", so the workflow still need some fix.
  8. Clearly you did not go through all the replies to the original post.
  9. I know Alfred can be movable by click and hold at certain area. By "certain area" I mean a very thin and tiny frame indicated below in red, making it very difficult to interact with cursor, and even more mission impossible if using customised themes.
  10. ..Just what I submitted days ago. (topic deleted...) I had to downgrade to 10.11...
  11. I think this workflow is ready for you. https://github.com/stuartcryan/rapid-browser-tabs-for-alfred
  12. homever

    Date expansion

    Seems letters' pattern, eg. capitalisation matters in such case
  13. homever

    Apple Account Switcher

    Again, this workflow broke on macOS Sierra public beta with iTunes (12.5) installed. On the basis of last workaround (#37), you only need to change "set button_number to 7" to "set button_number to 4".
  14. homever

    Alfred 3 Pref Cog option missing?

    Oddly, I kinda miss that cog now....I don't particularly use it though....
  15. Yep, regarding the window width, the option will be activated when hovering cursor upwards/downwards off the the main window borders, just after the option "vertical window padding". I was once also very confused about this since it is actually off the border...