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  1. So now it works!!=) Yeah. I deleted the symlink and created a new one. Somehow now php is working and the Alfred workflows. Thanks a lot for all your help. I really appreciate that! Cheers
  2. hehe=) I tried that, but it is still not working. I get the same Alfred error and "which /usr/bin/php" still gives me no result and no error, like before in the screenshot. Does this mean the symlink is not working?
  3. Hey, i guess this makes finally sense. I installed a newer php version with homebrew. It looks like Homebrew's installation folder is the /usr/local/bin folder. I tried to create the symlink but that did not work. I also saw through the Homebrew doctor, that there was a slash too much in my PATH. Stillt not sure what the exact problem was, but probably all of that together. I would like to reinstall PHP. Any recommendations for that? Do you use Homebrew too? Is it better to install PHP in /usr/bin/ or is it no problem when i use a symlink? I would like to reinstall PHP to clean the mess i have made. Thx a lot! Christoph UPDATE: i reinstalled PHP now with Homebrew. But i had no change to change the directory. So php55 is now again in the /usr/local/bin/php folder. Maybe i did the symlink before wrong? ln -s /usr/local/bin/php /usr/bin/php Right? Thx Christoph
  4. Thx Tyler! So the other color workflow you proved did work! So this has something to do with my new PHP location? But the commands with /usr/bin/php not, if i die it the way you meant it. (see screenshot) Did i do something wrong with the install of the new php? Should there still be the old PHP version in /usr/bin/php ? Thx a lot for your held and time! Cheers Christoph
  5. Hey, thx for trying to help. In the screenshot you can see that i get XML back and the PHP version and location. I noticed that the errors are different now. I am not sure if this is because of my new installations of Alfred. The posix_spawn error i get with the workflows "caniuse" and "encode". The workflow "color" ist not working, but i do not get an error. The triggers are just doing nothing. And the "dash" workflow is working now.They are all from here: http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2013/10/25/hidden-productivity-secrets-with-alfred/ Thx and cheers Christoph
  6. Hey everybody, last week i tried to sync my Alfred settings for the first time. Since then i am getting this error below when i try to run a workflow command. I have tried to wait long enough to the settings are really synced. I tried to install alfred new. I tried to work without syncing. I tried a new account on my mac. But nothing helped. Vero and Andrew from Alfred tried to help me a lot, but without success. Andrew mentioned that i could have something to do with PHP, because these 3 workflows i have tested are all using PHP. I installed a new PHP version with Homebrew some time ago. I am not sure if the problems started right afterwards, but it could be. Workflows i tested: color, caniuse, domainr http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2013/10/25/hidden-productivity-secrets-with-alfred/ I tested the example workflow "open iMG in Safari" and there everything is working. It is really strange, because before the syncing everything worked fine. Does anyone has any tips? I just want to use Alfred again. I need it everyday in workflow. Thanks and cheers Christoph
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