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  1. @GFEMajor, thanks for the interest. I currently cannot say when I get around to release something new. I'm hoping for the beginning of Q4 2015, at least until the end of 2015 :-). Let's hope for the best, I'll update this thread if the time has come. Thanks for your patience, Tim
  2. Just added support for libraries, added episode summaries and the possibility to mark shows/episodes/movies as seen, add them to your watchlist or library. Have fun! Tim
  3. Hi firstchair, one step after another: Next things on my roadmap: seen/unseen and library/unlibrary for both movies and shows. Furthermore I'd like to support episode summaries and seen/unseen for episodes plus an extra keyword like 'trakt-unwatched' to get a list of unwatched episodes. Tim
  4. Just added watchlists. It's possible to both add and remove shows and movies to your watchlist. Furthermore you can list your show or movie watchlist as well. Kind regards Tim
  5. I just added the keyword trakt-version to avoid potential confusion with future versions. I was thinking about integration the Alleyoop update mechanism but since the developer announced an internal functionality for this purpose I decided to go with the simple solution so far. Kind regards Tim
  6. Hi there, I created a trakt.tv workflow for Alfred. A full list of features and a few more screenshots can be found here. The workflow can be downloaded directly: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2188000/traktforalfred/Trakt%20for%20Alfred.alfredworkflow GitHub repository is here: https://github.com/timbooo/traktforalfred Note: You will need a trakt.tv account for this workflow to function completely. Have fun Tim Changes Version 1.4 added support for episode summaries added support for libraries (watched/collectes shows and movies) added support for library/seen/watchlist options for movies, episodes and shows added count for all kinds of searchs/watchlists/libraries general improvements Version 1.3 added support for displaying watchlists (shows and movies) and adding/removing shows or movies on their summaryVersion 1.2 added support for movies (trends/search/summary/cast)Version 1.1 epguide is now sorted -> latest to oldest ​changed display of episodes from S01E01 to 1x01 special episodes are now counted as well many bugfixes regarding non existing stuff and calculation of the latest episode Version 1.0 Initial version
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