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  1. Yes. It works now! Library is updating. 6000 tracks I think it will take a couple of hours. Thank you! P.S. Why does it take so long to Update Library?
  2. I updated the workflow but the library still doesn't update. This is what I see when I try to start spot_mini: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fgs7x3etzy5lcyq/spot_problem1.png?dl=0 When I try to copy the Debug output the interface doesn't respond. It freezes. I can't copy the text from Debug console. This is what I see: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7catojfqujq13c/spot_problem2.png?dl=0 Play button now. I can start playlists without switching to Spotify. Thats awesome. How do I update my Library? P.S. I starred you on GitHub! P.P.S. Here is my spot_mini_debug file: ht
  3. Hey, Vincent! Thanks for the awesome workflow! I use spotify to listen to music and Spot Mini Player saves me a lot of time switching between windows. I love it! I missed a few updates and now installed the latest version from provided in this thread. Unfortunately I can't use it to play music. When I select a playlist to play growl notification pops up, e.g. "Playing Deep House", but nothing happens. No music. When I go to Spotify window - I see the playlist that I selected. But it is not playing. I have to manually press the Play button. I tried to reinstall the workflow. Didn't help W
  4. Hey, _mk_! Thanks for the workflow it looks great! The only problem that I have is that search doesn't work with Cyrillic letter (Russian in particular). I have a project called "прочитать" ("read"), when I start typing "пр..." it doesn't show the project (only the other one called "интеллектуальные права" - "intellectual rights"). But I have the project in the general list: Can you do something about it? I would really like to search for my projects. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! When I select shared playlist - Spot Mini Player doesn't play them When I select my own playlists - SMP plays them just fine. I press Enter and nothing happens. Alfred window just goes away. I tried updating Playlist library - no luck. What should I do?
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