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  1. Hi folks, as mentioned above, I didn't have problems syncing the preferences to a second machine - in my setup simply enabling the sync feature on one single Mac reset all my settings which should have been synced and I was unable to permanently change stuff from that point on. So I tried again with v2.0 build 131 - but to no avail. As it turned out, the problem actually was a Dropbox problem, but nothing that could have been changed by waiting for a complete dropbox sync: I thought it would be a good idea to use a subfolder of the Dropbox "Apps" folder for keeping the Alfred prefs -
  2. Unfortunately syncing seems to be buggy with my setup: Alfred v2.0 build 123 OS X 10.8.2 German Locale Dropbox 1.6.16 Alfred v1.3.2 build 265 still installed, but stopped After losing my preferences when enabling sync on the new beta I started from scratch: - quit Alfred 2 - deleted ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred 2 (this was my preferred preferences location) - deleted ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2 - deleted ~/Library/Preferences/com.runningwithcrayons.* - recreated the folder ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred 2 - started Alfred 2, setup license data - only changed General -> "Wher
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