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  1. Hi folks,


    as mentioned above, I didn't have problems syncing the preferences to a second machine - in my setup simply enabling the sync feature on one single Mac reset all my settings which should have been synced and I was unable to permanently change stuff from that point on.

    So I tried again with v2.0 build 131 - but to no avail.


    As it turned out, the problem actually was a Dropbox problem, but nothing that could have been changed by waiting for a complete dropbox sync: I thought it would be a good idea to use a subfolder of the Dropbox "Apps" folder for keeping the Alfred prefs - a bad idea, as Dropbox is somewhat picky about this kind of special folder...


    The "Apps" folder on your Dropbox root is the designated place for external programs using the Dropbox-API to place shared content. Maybe you already tried some iOS-App with Dropbox support - normally these programs request either full access to your Dropbox or only limited access to its own folder (inside the "Apps" folder); if you grant it, you'll receive an email ("...you've connected a new app to Dropbox. Awesome!") and find this app inside your Dropbox setting under "My apps".


    So there obviously is some magic going on with this special Dropbox location: reproducible and independent of the name ("Alfred 2", "Alfred2", "Alfredo", ...) of the subfolder I choose for the Alfred preferences: if I put it inside ~/Dropbox/Apps/ the prefs get corrupted and Alfred is unable to keep the settings.


    I now chose an "Alfred 2" folder directly under my Dropbox root and everything works as expected. So my advice: stay away from your "Apps"-Dropbox-folder... :)


    Have fun,


  2. Unfortunately syncing seems to be buggy with my setup:


    Alfred v2.0 build 123

    OS X 10.8.2 German Locale

    Dropbox 1.6.16

    Alfred v1.3.2 build 265 still installed, but stopped


    After losing my preferences when enabling sync on the new beta I started from scratch:

    - quit Alfred 2

    - deleted ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred 2 (this was my preferred preferences location)

    - deleted ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2

    - deleted ~/Library/Preferences/com.runningwithcrayons.*


    - recreated the folder ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred 2

    - started Alfred 2, setup license data

    - only changed General -> "Where are you" from "International" to "Germany" and checked Features -> Default Results -> Essentials -> Bookmarks.

    - quit Alfred, restarted

    - both changes kept; looking good :)

    - enabled sync: Advanced -> Set preferences folder... -> ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred 2 -> Set folder and restart Alfred

    - Alfred.alfredpreferences was created in designated Dropbox-folder

    - Alfred restarts and comes up on Advanced Preference Pane

    - "Where are you"-setting back to "International", Default Results: Bookmarks: unchecked :(

    - changed above mentioned settings again, closed Alfred Preferences window

    - opened Alfred Preferences: settings reset to default!


    So I don't even need a second Mac to kill my settings with sync: as soon as I have syncing enabled, I'm unable to change any settings which should normally be synced - immediately quitting Alfred after changing something doesn't work either: sync on -> settings lost...


    For the records: strange symlink-pseudo-syncing was never used, Disk utility fixed all permission problems before trying this.


    Please feel free to request more details necessary for fixing this and keep up the good work,

    best regards,



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