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  1. I think the Workflow Environment Variables might be able to swing this. http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/9070-how-to-workflowenvironment-variables/
  2. Even better would be to import/convert the ones I already have in OSX/iOS.
  3. Yep. That was it. No beta iOS support. Works great now!
  4. Firewall is off. Rebooted both. That blank passphrase screen just sits there. Maybe it's because I'm running an iOS beta (8.2). Forgot about that. Maybe I'll downgrade to the stable version and re-try.
  5. Nope. I have the same issues, but my Mac never sees my device. I just get a blank passphrase window. https://cloudup.com/c07Xhx6JXz9 I can't directly connect either. No LittleSnitch or VPN.
  6. Adding /System/Library/PreferencePanes/ fixed it. Thanks!
  7. True, search scope was fine, but it still wasn't able to be un-ticked, nor was it being picked up until I added it specifically. As far as prefpanes, I'd want to be able to be explicit here also, just as I was with /Applications. I shouldn't have to in theory, but in this case, it'd be the fix I needed.
  8. So, I fixed Alfred missing Applications by adding /Applications to the search scope. It would be nice if I could manually type custom file types instead of having to drag them, because it's very difficult (impossible?) to drag a .prefPane file unless you know where to find it.
  9. I tried Tweetbot: "/Applications/Tweetbot.app Internal File Metadata ====================== Display Name: Tweetbot Alt Names: Tweetbot.app File Type: com.apple.application-bundle Comments: Keywords: Last Used: 2014-03-19 20:02:09 +0000 Raw mdls File Metadata ====================== kMDItemAlternateNames = ( "Tweetbot.app" ) kMDItemAppStoreAdamID = "557168941" kMDItemAppStoreCategory = "Social Networking" kMDItemAppStoreCategoryType = "public.app-category.social-networking" kMDItemAppStoreHasReceipt
  10. I'm thinking this is my fault, because I changed the weight order of Spotlight's results and messed up the metadata by reindexing. https://github.com/kevinSuttle/OSXDefaults/blob/master/.osx#L502
  11. The search scope is fine, and I did reset it, but I can't get to System Preferences or individual pref panes now. Applications was checked, but disabled. Only some applications show up. Seems like the metadata is mangled somewhere.
  12. I've noticed the same thing. Tried rebuilding the metadata cache and index, but nothing. It's very weak now, and almost nothing shows up. Applications, and preference panes are the most notably absent.
  13. I've asked if there is an API for the site here: https://twitter.com/kevinSuttle/status/436907598822912000 It'd be super nice to be able to search and then copy/paste a character a la https://github.com/carlosgaldino/alfred-emoji-workflow.
  14. Alfred workflow to add the current iTerm directory as a folder in the Sublime Text project window. https://github.com/kevinSuttle/alfred-iterm-sublime
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