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  1. I had the same problem with the workflow. It stopped working once I have added an almost empty Bibtex entry in Bibdesk (just attached the pdf without filling in the fields). Since I do that quite often I thought it would be a good idea to make the workflow a bit more failsafe by giving the date value a standard value of 0 if none exists (ccl_bplist.py, line 123--127): elif type_byte & 0xFF == 0x33: # Date 0011 0011 date_bytes = f.read(8) date_value = __decode_float(date_bytes) if date_value < 0: date_value = 0 return datetime.datetime(2001,1,1) + datetime.timedelta(seconds = date_value)
  2. Here is a TODO and note capture workflow for emacs org-mode (i use emacs 24.3.2): https://github.com/alexandergogl/alfred-org-mode-workflow It is very simple to use (see syntax). It adds the entered todo or note to the specified inbox.org as a new line to the bottom of the file. Feel free to extend it You have to adjust the path to your org-mode inbox file of the applescript (that's quite easy). Syntax: todo the title of the todo entry:: the note of the todo entry note the title of the note:: the note of the note entry The ":: " separates the title from the note of the entry
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