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  1. The workflow is working again. Updated the workflow and moved to other github repo!
  2. Hey there, here is a "new" (not really new ... I'm using this quite for a long time) workflow for all premiumize.me users. You can generate a premium dl link via premiumize.me for any supported OCH link (for example uploaded.net). For more infos see my blog post about this workflow. How to use? After importing the workflow, edit the prm Script Filter (double click on the red logo) and add your premiumize.me username and password in the Script textbox on the bottom. By typing prm followed by your <OCH URL> the premium link will be generated. If the link is avaible you can hit enter and the premium URL will be copied to clipboard. If a hoster is not supported, unreachable or if the file is unavailable, the workflow will let you know. Download Link You can check out my blog or direct download the workflow.
  3. Thanks Michael for sharing my workflow I just created a Thread for my openthesaurus.de workflow: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3644-openthesaurusde-workflow/
  4. openthesaurus - Alfred v2/3 Workflow Alfred v2/3 workflow for searching for synonyms on openthesaurus.de. Usage: Type ot <keyword> and get a list of german synonymous. Enter will copy the word to your clipboard. CMD Enter will search the word on duden.de with a description. Download & Installation: Click here for the ready to use .alfredworkflow file. Simply download the file and execute it for automagical install in Alfred. The source can be found at Github. Your feedback is very welcome - let me know what you think about it! Greetings Andreas
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