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  1. @deanishe Yeah - what I want is to open certain sites on set days of week or month. Then I can run the action daily and keep track of sites I read etc.. The `copy` command was a fluke find. Works well for this. This is how I've done it: set thisDay to weekday of (current date) as string set thisDate to day of (current date) set sites to {} -- Monday -- if thisDay is "Monday" then copy "https://throttlehq.com/home" to the end of sites end if -- Tuesday -- if thisDay is "Tuesday" then copy "http://twodollartues.com" to the end of sites end if -- 1st of each month -- if thisDate is 1 then copy "http://macappdeals.com" to the end of sites end if -- Everyday -- copy "http://macupdate.com" to the end of sites tell application "Firefox" activate repeat with site in sites do shell script "/usr/bin/open -a Firefox.app " & site end repeat end tell
  2. @deanishe It's for a small utility I've written to open a group of websites in one hit. I wanted to separate the AS vars (URLs) from the unique logic for each browser. A little lame (but useful). I'll take a look into using JSON when I have some spare time. Cheers
  3. @deanishe Cheers for the reply, sorry I posted in the wrong forum. I think I'll go with your suggestion and use a query argument - sounds a lot simpler! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  4. Hi all Is it possible to link applescript modules together so their variables pass from one to another? For example in the attached image - the central script module sets-up some variables which are then dealt with differently in the end-of-chain script modules. I've tried using {var:varname} to pass-through but it's not working... Is this actually possible? Here's an example workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j52zibfpui9z0p7/multi-ascript.zip?dl=0 Cheers James
  5. Hi All I'm just getting into Alfred workflows and exploring areas of my day-to-day processes that can be streamlined with workflows. Here's my first release of a workflow for speeding up sending links from the current tab in Google Chrome to Downie (video download app). The workflow can be downloaded here: https://github.com/floq-design/alfred-workflows/raw/master/downie-download/downie-download.alfredworkflow Hope you find it useful. Cheers James
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