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  1. Thanks for checking man -- I'll keep an eye on that thread, too… sounds like it's overdue.
  2. Hey John, I love this workflow and use it daily for Basecamp. I've just switched to Basecamp 3, and wondering if you will modify to make it for for BC3 as well? I tried to it myself to no avail… thanks a bunch! Austin
  3. Hey, Thanks for making this. I love the idea of this workflow and it seems to work just fine (i get the notification that says it sends) but nothing goes through. I am trying to message a US number… country code (1) prefix (212) number (9024556). (see attached) Am I filling in the number wrong? In iMessage I've put the icloud account at the top of the list… I only have one icloud account enabled, too. Thanks in advance! screen shot here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fe96ghpe7bh54lq/Screen%20Shot%202013-12-22%20at%203.56.26%20AM.jpg
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