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  1. PathFinder is set to be the standard file browser. Other Applications (like iTunes) are opening PathFinder, when invoking "Open in Finder...", but not Alfred.
  2. Hmmm, there is no way to simulate the eject key in AS? :-/
  3. I know, but I don't like AS. It hurts. I was hoping to get around it. :-)
  4. Use case: I want to simulate a CMD+CTRL+EJECT keypress in my blank screen workflow.
  5. I need a configuration option for "Open in Finder", like the Terminal/Shell PrefPane. I'm using PathFinder, so opening in Finder is annoing for me. :-)
  6. Example for a use case: Google Maps Routing gr "hamburg, wandsbeker chausse" "bremen" should result in a URL like https://maps.google.de/maps?saddr={query._1}&daddr={query._2}
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