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  1. An easy way to send eBooks from your computer to your Kindle email address. Just select it in Finder and trigger the workflow. Features - Integrates with Mail (default) and Mailplane 3. - Choose which account to send with. - Can convert EPUB to Mobi (with Calibre installed). Configuration Before you use the workflow, enter your settings (Kindle address, conversion toggle, etc.) in the Run Script element. Usage Select a file in Finder and trigger the workflow: - Keyword "send" - Configurable hotkey. - Alfred file action menu. >>> DOWNLOAD v1.0 <<<
  2. My first Alfred Workflow. Simple one. Someone send you a link you don't want in your history? Just open it in an incognito tab. - Works in all applications. -- cmd+alt+n Launches an incognito tab with the currently selected URL. -- keyword inc Launches an incognito tab with the argument. - Fixes some URL formatting. -- google.com >> http://google.com -- ttp://google.com >> http://google.com >> Download Incognito URL v1.0 (26 KB) <<
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