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  1. Think you could make this to include box.com as you seem to have listed ever single other cloud storage?
  2. I love it.. thanks. just what I was looking for .. force empty trash, does what it says:) OSX mavericks..
  3. Carlos Hello , would you be interested in making a few alfred workflows for me.. basic things. (very basic) would like to be able to search my box.com account.. (this would be paid work)

    1. Carlos-Sz


      I’m still on vacation. I saw your comment today. I don’t use box.com but if I find it useful I may try to make a workflow (no cost).

  4. I am using a Mac running 10.9.x, also using Alfred V2. with powerpack.. Question: When I use Alfred to send an email for example.. "email somecontact Alfred will bring up the default email client on my Mac, which is "Let.ter" http://theletterapp.com/ but when Alfred fills in the email it will not apply the right formatting to the email address.. for example.. The correct email address is: myname@gmail.com Alfred when entering it into "Let.ter" will write it like this: myname%40gmail.com all emails have this '%40" in them in place of the "@" sign.. the email in my address book is formatted correctly.. and when using alfred with a different default email click, like mailmate or unibox, it works perfect.. so this is something to do with Let.ter and Alfred.. the support for Let.ter is of no help with this problem, can someone else help me.. ? thanks
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