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  1. Thank you! that would really be awesome . I was used to this in Launchbar (but Alfred is way more awesome). Meanwhile I've created a workflow with a hotkey that takes me to /Volumes in Alfred's filemanager (with 'Browse in Alfred').
  2. Is it possible to display the mounts in /Volumes in the default results, and that after selecting them the file manager becomes active? I know it's possible to create a workflow that lists all volumes, but I want it in the default results (as I use this feature 40+ times per day). I couldn't find a setting for this.
  3. This workflow lets you upload selected files to Cloudup. If you don't have a Cloudup account, I can highly recommend it if you want to share files with other people very fast. It's owned by Automattic (the company that also owns WordPress.com) and is free to use! You can upload a maximum of 1000 files with a max. filesize of 200mb. It currently is invite only, but you can register with this link (I think, haven't tested this). You have three options: Download Github Ideas and questions are very welcome .
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