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  1. i get the same error on Mojave. does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. macOS Mojave 10.14.14 Alfred 3 v3.8.1 Hi, not sure if this is a bug or not. I seem to remember being able to 'flip through' multiple Quick Look instances of files while Quick Look was activated in Alfred. To clarify, when I view the contents of a directory or browse through the results of an Alfred query, it is my recollection that when invoking Quick Look in Alfred with the Shift key, the Quick Look instance of the highlighted file would show, and I would then be able to flip through the rest of the results while keeping Quick Look activated, effectively to see the preview of
  3. rdn and rdo are now working, but rda and rdz are still showing hidden files.
  4. Thanks Vitor, I've successfully changed the Workflow Environment Variable in the .plist file. I would love to use this for directories in other volumes as well. I have many folders in which I frequently check the recent contents, but they are on '/Volumes/HDD/...' not '~/...' Any way you can modify the workflow to choose directory variables on volumes other than 'HOME'?
  5. Show list of TLD's or search for TLD's on Wikipedia v0.1 This is a second post following a recent post i made of a workflow i created in years past, titled 'Text / Filename Tools.' this is another simple workflow for identifying the origin of top level domain names of websites you may have visited or would like to visit. this uses the grep command in bash. to use, type tld then the website abbreviation you would like to learn more of. this searches a fixed list of known top level domains. if you type tlds, it will show you the full fixed list, and if you ho
  6. first of all, I want to say I am truly grateful to this community. i have not been active in this forum throughout the years, but i am truly appreciative of all the great creators and contributors around here. what an amazing app, helps with my workflow each and every day. thinking of the Mac as a bicycle for the mind, it's interesting to note that one app inside the Mac can seem equally helpful at the same time. thank you. anyways, i want to share a couple of workflows i've created over the years. i'm not a programmer by any means, but do enjoy navigating the code that you guys create.
  7. I think you're onto something. This is how the first script looks in another location I have it saved: The keystroke lines seem to be having a problem...and they're controlled by System Events. As far as I know, I didn't install any scripting additions on previous OS's. Maybe they were installed by another package? Are there some very common ones? set newIcon to (POSIX file "/Volumes/HDD/Sync/ICONS/ICONS/soundcloud.icns") as alias set theItem to (POSIX file "/Applications/Soundcloud.app") as alias tell application "Finder" activate set i
  8. I hear ya. And thank you for your good work vitor. I've used your workflows throughout the years, actually some that don't work either right now because they have osascript. I'll figure it out!
  9. Thanks, I will. I didn't mean to waste anyone's time. Just thought I'd ask here considering the regular use of applescripts involved in workflows, and because Alfred has such a strong community here :).
  10. Hi deanishe, thanks, and thank you for your work throughout the years. Definitely not a reboot issue. Problem I'm having is Script Editor is not giving me any event information, and Alfred isn't giving me any debug information. Same thing with Console, as far as I've investigated (see below). Here are some scripts that either hang Script Editor / Alfred, or simply won't continue: **interesting note- when I try to open all of these scripts in Script Editor, Script Editor stalls for a few minutes, then I am able to open any script and it shows up in a window right away. **anothe
  11. Hi guys, wondering if anyone has a clue about what changed with applescripts and accessibility in macOS Sierra. Since upgrading to Sierra, it seems all of my workflows that use applescript no longer work. This is not exclusive to Alfred; I have tried running multiple scripts in Script Editor, and Script Editor ends up hanging on run. In Alfred 3, no information shows in debug. Calling a workflow will just cause Alfred to stop responding. Console does not show any Event errors in Alfred or Script Editor. I haven't been able to find similar issues with other p
  12. Thank you, this works great! Thanks for getting it going. Just curious, there is a short delay when first fetching the lists, then the workflow seems to cache the results for a few seconds, then goes back to a delay. Do you know why this is? Much appreciated. Your scripts have some style!
  13. this applescript works, but I don't know how to show autocomplete results based on your query: tell application "Reminders" set newList to list "new" show newList activate newList end tell Guessing someone might?
  14. Hi, I have this short applescript that activates Reminders.app on the specific list indicated from a variable. tell application "Reminders" set newList to list "todo" show newList activate newList end tell The script works fine on its own. I then had partial success creating a script filter for this: SCRIPT FILTER: set theQuery to "{query}" NSApplescript: tell application "Reminders" set newList to list theQuery show newList activate newList end tell I
  15. hyper-paranoid question here- are all url/file search queries stored, even if you disable 'query history' / 'URL history' / clipboard? what if you enable these features, will the query cache be cleared once you clear those feature histories? i would like to use Alfred for all web searches instead of a browser, but if i am piping searches i would normally enter directly on HTTPS search sites, are these queries instead being recorded in plain text somewhere before they reach the HTTPS site? could queries theoretically be sent by way of scripts in imported workflows, if the developer designed
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