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  1. Hey I created a workflow to take screenshots, so I associated the shortcut `CMD+Shift+5` to call my ruby script, take the screenshot and copy the Dropbox URL to the clipboard. It works, but when I export my workflow and import it again (removing it before re-importing) it doesn't preserve the hotkeys. Is it the expected behaviour or an error? If it is expected, is there a way to preserve the hotkeys? My workflow https://github.com/phstc/alfred_screenshots_dropbox Before exporting. After exporting, removing and importing it again. Thanks
  2. Hey Guys I would like to share my workflow to list/search links. I hope you find it as useful as I do. https://github.com/phstc/alfred_links_workflow
  3. Right, I ended up with a script. https://github.com/phstc/alfred_links_workflow LINKS = { 'Pablo' => 'http://pablocantero.com', 'GitHub' => 'http://github.com/phstc' } query = '{query}'.strip.downcase if query == '' selected = LINKS else selected = LINKS.reject do |name, link| name.to_s.downcase.index(query).nil? end end output = %{<?xml version="1.0"?><items>} selected.each do |name, link| output += %{ <item uid="#{name}" arg="#{link}" autocomplete="#{name}"> <title>#{name}</title> <icon>link.png<
  4. Nice, thank you. Is there a way to have only one keyword i.e. `links` which lists/filters all urls.
  5. Hello I have some links which I use daily (they aren't in my Chrome bookmarks): Admin - http:// Production - http:// Log - http:// Hangout - http:// ... I would like to create a workflow i.e. "links" to show these links and filter them as I type, if I click in the link it should open the url in Chrome. I didn't find a similar example, all of them seemed too complex for what I want. Is there a simple way to create such workflow? Thanks
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